If you interested in one to one to dial in on your exact resistance & blocks that are in the way of your next level of success & money flow while check the options below.

NLP COACHING - How to Work With Me One on One:

1:1 - 3 Month Private Coaching Program

My NLP coaching program is for clients who are needing the support, knowledge, & accountability of a performance coach along with access to NLP transformation work.

We go deep into purpose, goals, using NLP and Human Design along with Hypnotherapy when needed.

Deep Dive 2 Hour Intensive Sessions:

We dedicate 2 hours to completely transform a problem through NLP change work or Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Hypnosis is a natural state (just like meditation!) that allows you to move past the part of your brain that operates from FEAR.

Fear of change to specific.

A trance state allows us to reprogram our stubborn beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

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** Due to the nature of  Performance/NLP coaching a doctor's referral may be needed or care may be referred to another provider based on existing conditions.

sara daigle nlp coach

Sara Daigle


Hypnotherapist & Success Coach


Success and Life Coach

TIME Techniques Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

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