Top 5 Reasons why Ancestral Healing is Important Work

What is Ancestral Healing (1)
  • By Jamy Schumacher

First of all, what is Ancestral Healing?  


Ancestral Healing is the work of going back in our family’s timeline and accessing the lessons and healing that was inaccessible to them at their present moment, in the past.  


But before we go into that, it is important to understand a few things.


One of the most important aspects to remember is that linear time is a human construct.


Through the ever-expanding awareness we are gaining through quantum physics we know that energy is multidimensional and non-linear.  

The only moment is now, anything we “remember” only exists in the present moment in our minds.


The physical experience is not actually happening in the present moment.


Anything we are manifesting for the future is being created in our minds.  


This is important in Ancestral Healing because we are healing the energy of our Ancestors in the present moment and therefore it has impacts on our present experience.  


When we “go back” in our times lines, we are currently present in that place in the timeline and we are healing it now as if we were present in the past when the root of the wound occurred.

Ancestral wound healing

This means that as you do the work to heal your ancestors, the healing spreads throughout your family and all of the future generations of that ancestor.  


You are doing work to heal the collective.


You may never really know how far the healing reaches on a conscious level.  


Is your mind blown yet?  


Good…because the mind is fundamentally limited by itself.


It is a set of programs that cannot experience anything, it can only attempt to understand what an experience might be.  

Ancestral Healing
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Go Deep Into Your Heart Center


In order to fully experience something, you have to go deeper into your heart center.


This is where your soul, your higher consciousness, your divine connection to source is found.   


The mind is like the hard drive of a computer; it can only access the information that has been put there.


The heart center is like a connection to WIFI.  


I don’t know about you but my computer seems pretty useless when I try to use it without being connected to the Internet.  


That is what living in your mind is like, completely limited to what is currently installed, and not being able to Google any inspired information or access higher consciousness.  


So this is the place that I call you to be as you read this article, allowing any thoughts that the mind may try to grab onto to be acknowledged and go deeper and check in at your heart center with what is valuable enough for your focus.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Top 5 Reasons Why Ancestral Healing is Important Work


1. Ancestral Wounds are holding us back from stepping into our best life.  


The wounds have traveled through our families since they were created and those before us were not ready or able to heal it.  


It is coming up in our conscious awareness that it can be healed because we are the highest level of consciousness in our families and we are the first in our respective families with the ability to heal it.   

Our ancestors deal with and lived through lives with the wound continuously affecting their lives and their choices.


We are at a place in history and within our own soul evolution that we do not have to continue to carry the wound or the weight that it brings.  


We have the ability to bring light and awareness to that wound and choose to release it and to heal it and to overcome it.  When we heal these deep wounds we gain more freedom and more choice in our lives.

2. When you heal an ancestral wound, it heals your current life and also clears it for your ancestors and for your kids.  


Because you stepped into, and healed, the moment that the wound was created, you are releasing the karmic debt from your entire lineage.  


As a momma, there is nothing that I would not do to help give my kids as many resources as I can for happiness and freedom.

3. If it is coming into your conscious awareness to heal ancestral wounds, it is a part of your purpose.  


You get to choose whether or not you want to fulfill that aspect of your purpose, but many of us in this current generation is here to do this work, to clear the old energy of our families in order to create space for a new level of awareness.  


It is coming up in our conscious awareness that this work can be done because we are the highest level of consciousness in our families and we are the first in our respective families with the ability to heal it.  

Ancestral Wound Healing

4. All of humanity is interconnected and we are all parts of the same whole.  



When you heal ancestral wounds you are essentially releasing a pressure valve on the collective and helping to usher in a new reality for humanity.  


You are raising the consciousness of the collective!  


You are healing and transmuting what most people are unwilling to even look at and therefore just shove it down into the collective and it comes bubbling up in the weakest links as violence, abuse, addiction, etc.

5. Freedom!  


When we look at, and furthermore heal or connect, the things that lay in the unconscious, we gain a new freedom in our lives from unconscious blocks that keep us in lower vibrational cycles.  


It is like releasing a weight that was anchoring you from your next level of growth and expansion.


Ancestral healing is a powerful way for us to contribute to the healing of humanity.  


If you are feeling called to it, I encourage you to explore various ways to do this work in your life.  


It isn’t for everyone and takes a badass warrior to step in and do work for a collective!

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What is Ancestral Healing
How to Heal Ancestral wounds
How to do Ancestral Healing

How to Speak the Language of Your Body To Promote Healing

Have you ever wondered what your body would say if it could speak to you? Did you know by listening to your body you can promote healing?


Your body already speaks to you through your nervous system’s response to the aches and pains in your body.


The human body is magical. It feels fully and collectively and when we listen deeper we can change centuries of trauma built into our DNA.


When you dedicate time and attention to healing and honoring your physical body, soul, emotions, magic happens.


Heal Your Body and Mind From Past Programming


You heal your body and mind from past programming and trauma by stepping into a new light that is more aligned with who you are meant to be.


And when your body, mind, and spirit are in alignment, you can then go and serve your own clients and watch your business prosper as you promote healing. 


Through my process of Emotional Body Mapping, I help my clients connect to their bodies.


We connect internally through memories, nervous system, the system of the chakras, cranial sacral movement, myofascial breath, grief, inspiration & expiration, forgiveness, love, compassion, and their connection to faith.


Emotional Body Mapping allows you to heal your own body, expand and go further than perhaps anything you’ve ever seen in your body.



When you connect to your body to promote healing and understand the language your entire life will shift before your eyes.


So, how do you start listening?


There are three things I would do to start the conversation of listening to the body and learning how to respond.




1. Do a one-minute body-scan at the beginning and end of every day.


Just by doing a simple daily*(morning and evening) body-scan and localizing the awareness of aches and pains at helps us realize how and where we take on feelings.


For example, if you haven’t had any physical activity that created an injury and you felt pain at the end of the day that was not there originally, perhaps it is someone else’s tensions you are holding.  


Taking on the pain of others is normal and part of having empathy.


Also, if you feel pain at the end of the day that was not there at the beginning of the day it could signify a tension of stress you are holding, like anger or sadness depending on the location of the pain in your body.  


For example, pain in the shoulders is where we carry others burdens and pain in the stomach is where we hold anxieties and fears.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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2.  Start letting your choices be guided.


Use your intuition rather than decisions through your logic/mind.


Understand where in your body you feel your yes and no.


Saying no allows you to hold space for you 100 percent without doubt. So, how do we know when we have a hundred percent?


Here is an exercise I do with my clients that helps them understand their intuition and where they feel it in their body.


To start, I want you to think of three things you would definitely say yes to if you were offered anything right now.


So let's say you got offered a trip around the world with a full year off of work, full pay to go around the world to go anywhere that you wanted.


You got to take whomever you wanted with you and you always could go back home to say hello.


So you don't even have to worry about being gone for too long.


Imagine the perfect man/woman in your life appears and they are ready to give you all the kisses and all the love that you have ever wanted and deserved.


Visualize having this amazing, abundant love happening in your life.


Where do you feel in your body?


You can change up the examples above as they are just examples that work for many people, but maybe your yes is something different.


The most important part is to be asking yourself, “Where do I feel that yes in my body?”


Does it move around?  Does it go upward? Does it go out or does it go down? Does it have a color? Does it have a weight? Does it have a temperature?


Try to gather as many details as possible to honor the feeling in your body.


If you're having difficulty, just reconnect to that original thing you would say yes to, that hell yes moment.


What is it made out of?


Does it move somewhere?


Does it have a lasting effect?


And so just listening to all those things, that's your emphatic yes. That's in your body.


Now, I want you to do the same thing, but I want you to do this with a no.


This exercise will let you make choices in the future by listening inward instead of outward.


Do not let your brain make all your choices.  


Know that your gut has a plan for you and is here to serve you.  


Next time you don’t want to go out just say, “ I don’t feel like it.”

3. Slow down and connect to breath more.


Most of us are living the rat race thinking we need to do more to deserve more.


We forget that love and compassion is not a reward it is deserved by and for everyone.


Sometimes a simple walking meditation, breathing meditation, or simply taking three deep breaths every hour to reconnect can really help us listen to our body’s needs more often.


How can we know what we want if we don’t even know when we are hungry or tired? How can we make the same successful results if we are not sure how we created them the first time?


Part of learning success is slowing down and taking note of what is happening along the way. If we rush too much in life we are forgetting that it is both our successes and failures that we create in our lives.


While I am totally a person who loves magic, I know that the success in my life is not magic from somewhere random. Success is me doing my magic!


I hope this has been a great introduction to some ways you can start listening to your body and start making new shifts in your life.


I have seen people take these steps and meet the love of their life, build the revolutionary business of their dreams, and heal their chronic physical pains within months when they were barely in the belief of the possibility beforehand.


While all of these tips are relatively simple to start doing, the practice is about consistency and can get quite complex.


The body speaks, learn the language.

Brooke Wolf

Brook Woolf



Book Your Breakthrough Call


Join our FB Group for tips/live videos/and to build a community of like-minded holistic businesses understanding success starts from within.

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listen to your body to promote healing
listen to your body to promote healing (1)
listen to your body to promote healing (3)

6 Ways to Use Crystals With Your Pets To Balance Their Chakras

How To Use Crystals With Your Pets

written by Caitlin Gawa


How You Can Work with Crystals and your Pets  


If you're anything like me, you consider your pets a part of your family and you do all that you can to ensure that they are healthy, happy, and living a high-quality life.


I spend my days assisting other pet parents to live in harmony with their animals. I teach how to use crystals with your pets. 


Many of us have brought animals into our lives, only to discover that amidst the love and joy our pets bring us, we also can experience health issues and behavioral problems that cause us frustration, heartbreak, and even anger.

Pet Reiki
Pet Reiki Photo by Jf Brou on Unsplash


When it comes to my own health, I try to do all that I can to prevent any health issues before they occur.


I do this by exercising, eating foods that make my body feel good, keeping my stress to a minimum, and being aware of my energy.


Stress and the energy that I surround myself with influence my physical health and mental health.



Animals are the same way. All living beings have a chakra system.


When you work with an animal's energy and balancing their chakras, you can correct behavioral problems, prevent health issues, and heal existing health concerns.


Just as we work at balancing our own chakras, we can assist our pets in balancing theirs.


In fact, our pets often mirror our own imbalances and stresses.


They absorb and pick up the energy that we put out, just like sponges.


Animals are usually very aware of themselves and their energy.


They attempt to balance their own chakras by rubbing or scratching the areas. You can help them by learning to use crystals with your pets. 


However, animals that have suffered physical trauma, emotional abuse, or live in an environment that makes balance difficult may have a hard time correcting, balancing, and opening their chakras.


This can lead to a physical illness or behavioral problems.

animal energy healing
Photo by Adam Grabek on Unsplash

Animals Have Eight Major Chakras


Seven of those chakras are the same as ours.


The additional eighth chakra, is unique to animals.


It is called the Brachial Chakra. The Brachial Chakra is on either side of the body, in the shoulders.


Here is a list of the break down on the chakras in our pets.

The Root Chakra:

Located at the bottom of the spinal cord, near the tail.


This chakra relates to survival, preservation, physical strength, stability, happiness, motivation, energy and communication.

Balanced: safe and secure

Unbalanced: anxious, nervous, greedy with food, excessively fearful, greedy, sluggish, underweight, restless


The Sacral Chakra:

Located below the abdomen and above the pelvis.


This chakra relates to the urinary system and sex organs. It manifests as excitement, sexual desire, and security.

Balanced: affectionate

Unbalanced: unloving, rambunctious, separation anxiety, over-emotional, excessive whining, boundary issues


The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located in the center of the abdomen and on the back.


This chakra is related to the organs responsible for digestion and liver, pancreas, stomach, strength, purpose, and emotions.

Balanced: Confident and Mature

Unbalanced: Shy, aggressive, overly alpha personality, withdrawn, dominating, lack of enthusiasm


The Heart Chakra:

Located in the center of the chest.


Related to the immune system, heart, lungs, compassion, relationships, love, loyalty, emotions, balance, sensitivity, and sharing

Balanced: Affectionate, warm, welcoming to strangers

Unbalanced: Unaffectionate, fearful, timid, shy, sad, overly possessive, jealous, nervous around others

animal energy healing

Photo by Evieanna Santiago on Unsplash

The Throat Chakra:

Located in the throat and neck area.


Related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, thyroid gland, communication, creativity, and expression, hearing, and vocalization.

Balanced: Makes you understand what they need by barking only when necessary

Unbalanced Effects: Barking too much, excessively noisy, too shy, uncommunicative, doesn't listen to commands


The Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra:

Located between the eyes, just above the nose. Related to the external environment and its transmission to the brain, awareness, sensitivity, and sensations, perception, insight.

Balanced: able to adapt to environment and situations

Unbalanced: Hyper, very dependent, needs to receive attention, bad eyes, distant, distracted


The Crown Chakra:

Located on top of the head.


Relates to the body and mind, the pineal gland, the nervous system, spinal cord, serenity, balance, peace, liberation, wisdom, and harmony with nature.

Balanced: Happy, able to connected to other animals and humans

Unbalanced: Worrying, depression, anxiety issues, difficulty with other animals and people, withdrawn


The Brachial Chakra:

Located in the shoulder area, on each side. Relates to the bond between animals and their humans, the nerves of the head, neck, chest, and thorax. Links to all other major chakras.

Balanced: able to form a strong bond with another

Unbalanced: separation anxiety, fearful, reluctant to be touched

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Techniques to Balance Your Pet's Chakras


- Massage: Paw massages and body massages that focus on the appropriate muscles and areas of the body


-Touch: similar to massage, a method that uses circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body


- Reiki: energy healing that can be done in person or at a distance. To learn more about Reiki or to book a distance energy healing for your pet please visit


- Acupuncture: uses special needles, which are inserted into specific points on an animal's body.


The needles help redirect the body's energy fields back into harmony.


- Flower Remedies

Use Crystals With Your Pets For Energy Healing


These techniques are often done by professionals, but there are some options you can do with crystals on your own.


Before I list the ways you can use crystals, please be mindful of your pet and do not force any crystals on your pet.


If you pet looks uncomfortable or walks away, then let them.


Do no trap, push or force crystals on your animal.


Let your pet have free will and choice. If you do something such as attaching a crystal to their collar, be aware that your pet cannot remove the collar or the crystal.


Be certain that your pet reacts positively to the crystal before attaching it and never leave it on for long periods of time. Slowly introduce your animal to crystals.

6 Crystal Use Techniques for Pets


- attach a crystal to their collar *please read the warning above.


- make a crystal layout for your pet


- place a crystal under your pet's bed (be certain your pet cannot find and swallow crystal)


- infuse your pet's water with crystals (be certain to remove crystal from water before placing water in pets dish)


- slowly and softly stroke your pet while holding a crystal


- mediate with your pet next to you, while holding on to a crystal in one hand and resting your other hand on your pet.


For a list of Chakras and corresponding crystals please visit:

Caitlin Gawa

Caitlin Gawa

To Book a 30 - 45 min Reiki Session for your pet for only $25 visit:


I guide overwhelmed and frustrated Pet Parents to live in harmony, build a bond, and ensure their pet lives a happy healthy life.


If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your pet, visit


I'd love to work with you and your pet so that you can live in harmony together and experience that magical human-animal bond.


If you enjoyed this article, want to discover similar topics that will assist you in providing a high quality of life for your pet, and want to connect with like-minded pet parents.


Find me on facebook @ccpawfamily


Visit my Etsy shop:


Find me on YouTube:


Visit my Website:


Follow me on Instagram @cherishedcompanions

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use crystals with your pets
animal reiki healing
heal your pets with reiki


How to Connect To Your Inner Goddess

Hey Love!

The divine feminine is rising and I bet you can feel it’s call. I think all women can.


It’s asking you to connect with the most divine and sacred part of yourself, your inner goddess.

Her feminine energy is soft, nurturing, and intuitive, but also strong, wise, and powerful.


She is the best part of yourself. She isn’t concerned with society’s rules or ideals.


She is the wild woman inside of you that connects you to source.

9 Ways for You to Connect with Your Inner Goddess


1.  Allow yourself to be sensitive.


Be sensitive and emotional without seeing it as a weakness is key to connect with your inner goddess.


Fully feeling all of your emotions, the good ones, and the uncomfortable ones are important.


Women have learned to hide their emotions because expressing them might be seen as weak.


You may feel your feelings aren’t valued, but the truth is your emotions are a gift, not a curse.


Your inner goddess not only fully feels her emotions, but she shares her feelings with others.

Connect to your inner goddess

2. Learn to Work Together With Other Women.


Work in collaboration and deep friendship without jealousy, competition, or comparison.


Only when we stop fearing each other can we truly change the world together.


"Embracing our inner goddess allows for the expansion of the collective female experience." ~Nicole Markardt


Women have a deep-seated fear of each other that goes all the way back to the witch trials and this leads to a lack mentality which makes women believe that there isn’t enough to go around.


We need to overcome these fears and realize the Universe is infinitely abundant.


We must celebrate our sister’s accomplishments instead of being envious and jealous of her.


It’s time to see the good and the beauty inside of other women.


We need to start empowering each other.


Let’s help each other rise up, instead of tearing each other down.

3. Let Your Defenses Down


Allow your heart to crack wide open.


The world’s a scary place right now. We see way more bad news than we do good.


Women have been hurt, neglected, and often abused.


We live with so much trauma inside of us, we often put walls around our hearts, but we have to let them crumble in order to truly give and receive love.


Your inner goddess lets love lead the way.


There is more good in the world than bad. More people are decent than not. Goodwill always prevails.


Despite all the turbulence in the world (especially on social media), your inner goddess is still capable of focusing on love instead of fear.

Connect to the divine feminine

4. Spend Time in Nature


It helps you reconnect with the true you. The you that isn’t addicted to staring at a screen all day.


The you that appreciates the beauty and being present. The you that appreciates life.  


If you can’t spend time in nature at least step outside and soak up the sun and/or the moon for several minutes a day.


Open your curtains or blinds and let the sunshine in.


Step barefoot onto the ground whenever you can.


Let your body touch the soil or the grass. Bring plants into your home.


"She unleashed her inner goddess and became the woman her soul knew she could be" ~Michelle Schaper

5. Surround yourself with beauty.

Make your home a sacred space.


Don’t live with clutter all around you. It causes anxiety and stagnant energy.


Get rid of items that no longer serve you.


If you don’t use it, love it, or have a great sentimental attachment to it then there’s no reason to keep it.


Put up beautiful art. Have things around you that make you happy when you look at them, hear them, touch them, or smell them.


You can even create beautiful things for your home.


Creativity is an important part of divine femininity.


It’s directly connected to your sexual energy/sacral chakra.


Many people think of crafting when they hear the word creative, but it’s so much more than that.


Creativity involves the use of imagination and expression to create something.


That could be anything. It could be art, music, dance, a craft, a flower arrangement, a garden, or even a delicious recipe.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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6. Remember That Your Body is a Temple


Love it and treat it right. Drink lots of water and feed it healthy nutritious foods.


Move it regularly in a way that feels good to you.


Feel pleasure often. Have sex and/or masturbate often. Stop criticizing yourself. You are a goddess.


Look at your body naked in the mirror and name off all the things it does that you appreciate.


"If you ask your inner goddess to come out to play: your life will shift in the most miraculous and delicious ways" ~ Lisa Marie Rosati


Honor your body for all it does for you instead of hating it for not being someone else’s idea of perfect.


It’s time to let go of the idea of perfection. It doesn’t exist. Perfection is boring anyway.


Authentic is real and relatable. Show people who you really are.


Stop hiding parts of yourself. Let people truly know you.


Learn to honor and speak your truth. Don’t let anyone silence you or hold you back.


Become your authentic self. Your inner goddess won’t try to please everyone around you.


She knows she never will. One thing she will do is freely express her sensual and sexual self.

How to Connect with your inner goddess and intuition

7. Celebrate your Sexuality.


There is nothing dirty, wrong, or immoral about enjoying sex.


Pleasure is one of life’s greatest gifts.


In the West we live in a society that uses sex to sell everything, yet is very puritanical and repressed about nudity and sex.


This causes a lot of shame and guilt around sexuality that shouldn’t be there.


It’s time to release these outdated beliefs.


Sex can be sacred and beautiful! A woman has a clitoris with 8000 nerve endings for no purpose other than pleasure.


So allow yourself pleasure. If you don’t have a partner (and even if you do) make love to yourself.


Orgasms are healing and an important part of life.


However, you shouldn’t always expect your partner to know how to give you one. Know how to please yourself and show him/her how.


Ask for exactly what you want in bed. Embrace your sexual self.


In order to do this, you need to get out of your head and into your body.


Women are so busy all the time and have so many responsibilities it’s hard to stop thinking and become really present, but that is the only way to experience more pleasure.


You can’t be more present if you’re living your life constantly from the neck up.


Connecting with your inner goddess will help you tune into your 5 senses which will really connect you to your body.


When you’re connected to your body and your inner goddess you’ll also stop seeing your period as a curse.


It’s time to reclaim your moon time as a natural part of womanhood.


Once you stop seeing your blood as disgusting and your period as an inconvenience you’ll start to have fewer issues.


Your cramping, PMS, clotting, and heavy bleeding will improve when you start honoring your moon cycle.


"An awakened woman is strong without measure and beautiful without description" ~Rohit Anand

8. Use Your Intuition More Often.


This is your connection to source. It’s how you communicate with the spirit world.


Oracle or tarot cards are a great way to practice this. You don’t have to read for others if you don’t want.


Just read for yourself. Pull a card daily for guidance or do a spread, whatever feels right for you.


You can also use your intuition by simply asking questions and listening to your inner voice.


Ask yourself should I turn left or right to find a parking spot, should I buy the red or the blue shirt? Trust whatever comes to you.

Get in touch with your intuition

9. Perform Rituals.


Rituals can be as simple as meditating every morning before you get out of bed.


You can also write down intentions with every new moon and burn them, or just lighting a favorite candle each time you pray.


You can even create an altar to put that candle on.


Make it a sacred place in your home. Put things on it that are special to you.


You can put crystals, a mala, trinkets, jewelry, statues, Oracle or tarot cards, candles, sage, etc. on it.


These will all help you connect with your inner goddess.


Embracing your divine feminine and connecting with your inner goddess will change your life in many powerful ways.




You’ve tried living in the masculine/patriarchal box for long enough.


It’s time to break out of that mold and walk on the wild side. Use these 9 tips and connect with your inner goddess now.

Guest Post Writer:


Sandra Mayeux is an intimacy and sexual empowerment coach as well as an intuitive energy healer. You can find her Facebook group at

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How to Connect To Your Inner Goddess and Divine Feminine
How to Connect To Your Divine Feminine
Connecting with your inner goddess and feminine power

How To Set Monthly Goals

When you set monthly goals do you tend to fall behind or drop them completely?


The beginning of each new month is a great time to plan and set goals that you can achieve by using a strategic system.


I am a staunch believer in strategy and productivity, BUT I also practice the Law of Attraction and use Nature's Cycles to help me optimize my energy.


By tracking my energy levels with my menstrual & moon cycle I get more done with way more ease.


Check out this post to learn how to schedule your tasks by getting into FLOW.

The Problem with Goal Setting


You may start out every January with a huge list of all the things you want to accomplish in the year, but after a couple of weeks, those goals seem to fade.


The same thing occurs if you try to plan each month without a strategy.


You become unmotivated and experience burnout. It doesn't take much to feel like your goal is out of reach.


In this post, you will learn how to break down your monthly goals and set your tasks by evaluating your cycles.


These are nature's cycles including your menstrual cycle, the season, and also the moon cycle for an added bonus.


We will learn a strategic approach to getting goals accomplished with an added dash of manifesting magic.

Why Set Monthly Goals Using Nature's Cycles?


Each month is a new beginning and as goal setters, we love a fresh start.


Each Month provides us with the energy cycles we need to get everything done that is necessary to accomplish our goals.


This includes brainstorming, creating, executing, and completing. 


You can also keep up with your annual goals by chunking them down into bite-size pieces.


Each month you more apt to stick to your yearly resolutions if you set a milestone each month that you can keep up with. 


When keeping track of your energy levels throughout the month you learn when to push and when to hold back.


No more constant hustle. You can give your body & mind a rest while getting more done with no burnout.

In This Post, You Will Learn


  • how to schedule your tasks by getting into FLOW


  • set monthly goals that are attainable each new month


  • learn the messy action steps you need to take to manifest your dreams.


  • track your energy and learn to use your menstrual and/or the Moon cycle.


  • optimize your energy v. time to get more done
How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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What Will You Need


  • A journal to track your energy.


  • Monthly Calendar for reference and/or to write on.



These are the main things you will need.


The below are helpful, but as long as you have a pen, paper, & a calendar you are ready to go!


Additional Tools :


  • Color Pens or Markers (optional)


  • A monthly planner or a print out of the current month's calendar.

I love my Danielle LaPorte Monthly Planner.  It is currently sold out, but I 'll advise when she has some in stock for next year :).


  • An App that tracks your menstrual cycle.

MyFlo App


  • Moon Cycle Dates that include the date for the 4 major moon cycles.

(if you want to learn to use the moon to help guide you)

This is my favorite planner to grab moon cycle dates from :

Let's Getting Started


What Do You Want to Get Done This Month?


Grab some paper and write your list of top 10 goals for the month.


I personally like to mind map.


I make sure I have a goal for at least one of the 6 areas of life:


  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development
  • Health/Fitness
  • Relationships/Family
  • Career
  • Biz/Finances


My Top 10 This Month Looks Like This

  • 25K Monthly Page Views
  • 10K Net Profit
  • Finish & Publish E-Course
  • Read 1 Book per Week
  • Create 10 New Original Pins to Pinterest per week.
  • Run/Walk 3x/ Week
  • Free Weights 2x/week
  • Take Ketones every day
  • meditate & practice self-reiki each day
  • date night - every other week

I break down any individual tasks that are needed for each goal.



25K Pages Views

  • write 5 blogs posts
  • pin 4 Pins for each blog post to Pinterest


10K Monthly Net Profit

  • Sell course
  • create email sequence for course
  • create a landing page for the course.


Now that you know what tasks you want to get done, its time to put them on your calendar during the most optimal time.

Track The Cycle of the Season


What Time of Year Is It?


This can dictate your overall intentions and feelings for the month.


Winter can be more introspective and you may be planning more.


Summer can be more outgoing and energetic.


seasons of nature

Track Your Menstrual Cycle

(if you do not cycle I highly suggest tracking the Moon's Cycles - instructions below)


Write Down The Dates of Your Cycle:


This is where I plan using the My Flo App and my monthly calendar:


I mark each day and what cycle I am in. Here is my super messy July Calendar.

Cycle Scheduler

I'll try to make it prettier for August :).


You can also mark the 4 Major Moon Cycles on your calendar as well.

Schedule your Tasks In Accordance with Your Menstrual Cycle


Each Cycle of The Seasons, Menstrual, and The Moon all carry a certain energy.


By optimizing these cycles you can plan what tasks to complete during the applicable cycle.


First Take Note of the Season. If it is Winter you know not to push yourself too hard during slow months.


The season can set the overall tone of your upcoming projects.


Winter/Menstrual/New Moon

Rest and Reflect: Set Intentions, Journal, and Brainstorm. Plant Seeds for future action periods.


Spring/Follicular/1st Quarter Moon

Make Plans and Start Creating: This is the time to start taking action. Have a streamlined plan of tasks you want to accomplish.


Summer/Ovulation/Full Moon

Peak Energy & Time to Be Seen:  Get yourself out there. This is the time to visible whether it is launching your product, being on podcasts, or speaking at live events.


Fall/Luteal/3rd Quarter Moon

Completion & Evaluation: Time to wrap up and tie up loose ends.  Check off items on your project list bringing it to a close. Evaluate what worked & what may need improvement.

List Your Tasks Under the Best Time of The Month to complete them.


Are you launching an e-course this month?


Take your tasks and schedule them throughout their month based on the energy level they will need.


Menstrual:  Go inward & journal ideas. Plan & Brainstorm


Follicular: Creating Opt-In Page, Email Sequences, & related marketing Content.


Ovulation: Launch! Put out your launch email sequence, do FB lives, and be a guest speaker to talk about your service.


Luteal: Wrap Up. Close your shopping cart. Make sure logins and systems are all working correctly. Handle customer service inquiries. Track your profits.



You have your goals & tasks scheduled to match your energy cycles! Hooray!


If you have a journal or even on your monthly planner it can be beneficial to write how you feel each day.


Your energy level 1-5


What tasks where you were motivated to complete & what you were not?


By tracking these simple questions for a couple of months you can get a better gauge of your energy levels.

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How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month
How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month (2)
How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month (4)

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What are manifestation tricks?

What is the Energy of Fast Success?

How to Use Healing Crystals on Your Body For Beginners

Using Healing Crystals and Stones

It's easy to become crystal obsessed. 


After all, what’s not to love? They’re sparkly and fascinating and you can use crystals on your body. 


There is literally a crystal for everything! So much so that oftentimes my clients become overwhelmed.


They aren’t sure which crystal to pick, and further, they aren’t sure how to use the crystals once they take them home.

I oftentimes hear, “I like crystals but don’t know what to DO with them.”


Sound familiar? Fear not! This blog will take you step-by-step through laying on of crystals on your body.


You’ll learn how to place crystals on your body and which crystals are made for what purpose and body part.

Why place crystals on your body?


laying stones on body

Well, scientifically crystals have a very stable structure; crystals are actually one of the most ordered structures on Earth.


Because of their remarkable order, they emit stable energy.


This is why crystals are used in clocks and computer chips!


By laying crystals on and around our body (or wearing them in jewelry) we allow the body’s energetic frequency to become entrained by the crystal’s frequency.


Simply put, the energetic frequency of the crystal overpowers our own, making our energy less chaotic, and more ordered.

So, how to begin?


The colors and frequency of crystals correspond to the body’s chakra system; it is almost foolproof and there really is no way to get it wrong.


The most important rule is always to start and end with the chakra at the feet (Earth Star Chakra); the crystals at your feet will be the first crystal placed and the last crystal removed.


Starting at the feet ensures that you remain grounded through your session, allowing you to feel more comfortable and less buzzy.

Moving Through Your Chakras


From the Earth Star Chakra move upwards from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, placing a corresponding crystal.


Keep in mind, you don’t need to place crystals on your body at every chakra point.


If you’re feeling a blockage at the throat, for example, you can ground at your feet and place a piece of blue kyanite at your throat.


It doesn’t hurt, however, to place a crystal at each chakra point.

Crystals & Chakras


Not sure where to get started?


chakras and crystals

Here’s a list of crystals and stones that correspond to each chakra (note the diagram that shows where each chakra is located- note the Earth Star Chakra is not shown, and that Chakra is located at the bottom of the feet).


Earth Star Chakra (represented by the color black and gray and governs connection to the Earth, grounding, protection, and transmutation of energy that no longer serves):

hematite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and black kyanite.


Root Chakra (represented by the color red and governs primal needs, security, and physical energy):

garnet, ruby, red jasper


Sacral Chakra (represented by the color orange and governs creativity and sexuality):

carnelian, vanadinite, orange calcite


Solar Plexus Chakra (represented by the color yellow and governs personal power, intellect, and ambition):

citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow apatite, pyrite


Heart Chakra (represented by the color green or pink and governs love for self and others and compassion):

rose quartz, malachite, watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline.


Throat Chakra (represented by the color light blue and governs communication, self-expression, truth, and manifestation):

blue kyanite, amazonite, blue lace agate


Third Eye Chakra (represented by the colors indigo and purple and governs intuition, spiritual awareness, and inner wisdom):

azurite, amethyst, lapis lazuli


Crown Chakra (represented by the color violet or white and governs connection to Universal Source/God Energy and all that is):

clear quartz, danburite, selenite

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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You can choose to place a crystal or crystals at each chakra point or place where you feel they are most needed.


Take a few deep, centering breaths, call yourself into the present time, and listen to your intuition.


It will not steer you wrong!


Remember, however, to always ground yourself with a crystal at your feet no matter what other crystals you are using.


Again, this crystal is the first you will place and the last you will remove.


Relax and allow the crystals to penetrate your energetic and emotional bodies.


Perhaps listen to relaxing music or simply focus on your breathing and pay attention to what you feel and what thoughts come up.


Keep a journal handy to record your experiences. Your experience can vary by day, by the hour, and by crystal used.

If you feel “buzzy” or “uneasy”


If you feel uneasy with the crystals on your body, remove them!


Laying on of Stones should not be uncomfortable.


Just please remember to remove the crystals at your feet last!


If you’re a crystal beginner, start off with five or ten minutes of crystal healing at a time, and work up from there.


Do what feels right, and never force it!

Types of Crystals


There are hundreds of different crystals and dozens of choices that correspond to each chakra on your body.  


Below find a few crystal “families” and the correspondences.


Each family comes in a variety of colors that correspond to each chakra.


  • Quartz is a master healer. It magnifies energy, clears and cleanses. Amethyst and citrine are both members of the quartz family.


  • Calcite brings movement and flow where there is physical stagnation.


  • Tourmaline deals with the emotional body and heart issues.


  • Fluorite brings balance and order. Helps mind issues. Absorbs and neutralizes harmful and negative energy.


I hope this blog helps introduce laying on of crystals on your body to you.


Remember to always follow your intuition; your body and your higher-self knows what crystals are best where.


Try not to second guess yourself, relax, and approach each healing without attachment and with curiosity.



Dina Rosenberg

Dina Rosenberg is a crystal healer, reiki practitioner, and Tibetan singing bowl sound healer.

An unexpected change in career led Dina to go within and search her soul.

She returned to the magic of the stones she discovered some 30+ years before as a small child.

Each stone and crystal that entered her life was literally a "stepping stone" to the next.

Dina decided to share the beauty of the stones with her friends and family by taking a Crystal Healing Class.

The calm people experienced coupled with the breakthroughs received empowered Dina to make Crystal Healing and Energy Work her soul purpose.  

Intrigued by the energy of the stones, Dina began to learn other healing modalities as well- recently becoming attuned in Reiki and professionally trained by Maestro Satya Brat and certified by the International Association of Sound Healing in Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.

Dina specializes in multi-modality healing which combines sound, crystals, and Reiki for a one-of-a-kind experience that nourishes mind, body, and spirit.

Learn more at

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inspiring quotes

27 Inspiring Law of Attraction Quotes To Help You Manifest

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How to Use Healing Crystals
How to Use Healing Crystals for Beginners
Using Healing Crystals and Stones

10 Girl Boss Books to Inspire and Motivate You

Girl Boss Book Ideas


This book quickly became one of my favorites.


This memoir shows how Rachel limiting beliefs and societal norms to live out her life purpose.


She walks courageously walks us through the lies that we often base our belief structures upon that keep us from pursuing our truth and passions in life.


Rachel talks to us like we are her BGG and she shares her struggles with relationships, motherhood, alcohol and mom culture.


She easily dispells belief systems we have in place from society, religion, and ourselves.

You Are a Badass ®: Jen Sincero

This book is worth a reading multiples and picking up every now and then for a boost of inspiration.


This really is a great guide to understanding and practicing the Law of Attraction.


In simple terms and with easy action steps Jen walks us through how to push fear aside and change our mindset in order to make our desires a reality.


She throws out some major truth bombs here and allows us to see where we are giving ourselves excuses to be less than exceptional.


Girl Code: Cara Alwill Leyba

This is my favorite book from Cara! Cara is an amazing master life coach and a glam boss babe who help us live life as the strong women we have dreamt of embodying.


This book provides us with stories with amazing female entrepreneurs (including one of my favs Shirley Manson from the band GARBAGE!) who created a life of meaning and success for themselves.


I love to pick up this book when I'm feeling lackluster and just not taking care of myself.


She reminds us all in this book stay in touch with your personal power and allow ourselves to feel honored.

The 5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins


Mel Robbins teaches us to push forward and embrace our confidence.


Her "5 Second Rule" is about relinquishing self-doubt and honoring our intuition and internal truth.


If you love actionable advice and tips that you can implement in your life every day read this book.


She gives us pointers of being more productive while stepping fully into our power.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Year of Yes: Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes who is best known as the creator of Grey's Anatomy ( my favorite tv show of all time) and Scandal bares her soul and journey through self-doubt to empowerment.


She is hilarious and compassionately full of inspiration.


Learn her stories of how she opened herself to endless possibilities and kept herself out of her comfort zone to propel forward in life.


If you have been saying no and fear the unknown and new, check out this book which illustrates how we can say yes to more opportunities to experience more growth and magic.



Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert


Elizabeth Gilbert shows us how to honor the creative muse inside of us and how to step past fear.


She shares her stories of feeling stuck and how to push past any of our excuses to step into our fullest and most creative power.


With a fun and lighthearted tone, Elizabeth Gilbert inspires and helps us unearth our passions without the need to compare or get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Daring Greatly: Brené Brown

Brene's writing has always been a source of healing for me.


In Daring Greatly, she opens us up to take a deep look into our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.


As we shed light on our triumphs and failures we can look deeper into how can feel fulfilled in life by allowing us to share ourselves with others while maintaining a sense of self and boundaries.



THRIVE: Arianna Huffington

This is a refreshing read from someone who understands boundaries and personal care.


Arianna shows we can value ourselves and our personal needs (including sleep!) while becoming wildly successful.


Ariana shows how we can be successful and ambitious but still maintain our core values.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Tim Ferris

This is the book that started it all for me.


I read this book almost 10 years before ditching the 9-5 and starting my own entrepreneurial journey.


This book always stayed with me and helped plant the seed of starting a dream business that creates ultimate freedom.


Tim breaks down how to create your biz and work with a lifestyle of freedom and time. If you have ever dreamt about being a location independent entrepreneur READ THIS BOOK!

Like She Owns The Place - Cara Alwill Leyba

Another Cara gem! I got this book just a few weeks ago and OMG another piece of gold!


You will feel inspired and confident after you dive into this empowering gem.

Cara shares with us personal and inspiring stories to upgrade our lives!

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Tips For Connecting with Your Newborn Baby

5 Simple Ways to Ignite Connection With Your Baby

Moon Nursery Theme

10 Adorable Moon Nursery Ideas for Baby

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Girl Boss Book Ideas
Recommended Books To Read For Women
Must Read Motivational Books for Boss Babes

12 Stunning Ikea Home Office Hacks

Stunning Ikea Home Office Hacks

This Ikea Home Office hacks will give you amazing inspiration to set up your high vibe boss lady space.


The most exciting part of working from home is the freedom, the second is your home workspace.


What could be better than finding some kick-ass Ikea decor and tailoring to make your girl boss office space posh and uplifting?


Read on to check out these Ikea Home Office Hacks. 


1 . Billy Bookcase Hack by Southern Revivals

I am an avid reader and have a massive collection of books.


Transforming a bookcase in the way that Southern Revivals is officially on my to-do list.

I love the over aesthetic and display options they have going on using Ikea's Billy Bookcase.

2. Coffee Table Upgrade to Desk by Style Me Pretty.


Style Me Pretty shows how you can upgrade to a simple, but elegant desk from an Ikea Coffee Table.


She takes some spray paint and gives the coffee table some major life and glamour.

theeverygirl-bar cart

3. Bar Cart to Offfice Supply and Display Unit  by The Every Girl


The EveryGirl transform an Ikea Bar Cart into the cutest display unit I've seen.


Perfect for small spaces and super stylish! This bar cart transformation is super easy and another one to add to my to-do list.

Cateshill ikea drawer

4.  Ikea desk w. Alex Drawers by 


I never get tired of looking at Alex Drawer hacks.


Ever since I started reading makeup blogs I have been enamored by the Alex Drawer which is what all the Makeup Bloggers use.


It is so clean and sophisticated looking and they hold a ton of storage!


I love how Cate matched it with the Ikea desk and her grey aesthetic!

Spray Painted Gold Ikea Desk by

5. Spray Painted Gold Ikea Desk by


This desk makes me want to break out the gold spray paint on EVERYTHING.


It looks so glammed up. The transformation is gorgeous with just a couple of simple touches.

pretty providence desk-ikea-craft-room

6. DIY Ikea Desk Hack under $60 from Pretty Providence.


Pretty Providence takes an Ikea Headboard and makes it into a desk with storage!




This simple yet elegant hack is perfect for anyone who loves simple and easy to put together.


I've been researching desks just like this; they all are well over $150!

Tumbl Kasset drawer set

7. Ikea Drawers in Massive Craft Table - Tumblr


Check It This use of Alex Drawers along with all kinds of Ikea products!


If you have space this can be an excellent way to make an area a productive area.


Great for crafts, even the living room, and dining room.

metal to wood bookshelf

8.  Metal Bookshelf transformed with spraypaint and wood by Real Happy Space.


This is the truest of hacks right here! A simple metal shelf spray painted to transform the overall aesthetic.


The shelving unit has beautiful and stained wood planks added to give it a more welcoming feel.


9.  Storage Shelves by


This Ikea Halax hack is so cute and is perfect for the girl office!


Great for a smaller space; this is a perfect way to display books and knick-knacks in your home office.


By adding some cute legs to the Halax unit she was able to give it some mid-century appeal.

Kallax Posh Hack

10. Easy Kallax Storage Unit Upscale Update by The Pink Dream


Another fabulous Kallax hack! Love this posh and modern revamp.


Can you imagine having this in your dining room or living room?!


I would have never thought of updating the facade of the door, but it makes such a huge difference! <3 <3 <3.



11. Gold Painted Pendant Lamps by Sugar and Cloth & Lulus


I've shown a lot of desk and furniture hacks.


How about a simple desk lamp hack?!


I love how easy it was for her to upgrade this lamp with some gold spray paint.


The new gold interiors add a modern and sleek touch to the hanging lamps.

IKEA Rast Hack Media Console |

12. Plain Ikea Rast Drawer Chest to Modern Media Center by In Between Chaos


Holy Moly! Check out this hack.


This is 4 drawer sets painted and put together to form a massive media center.


Love this idea and can not believe how simple yet how amazing it looks.


Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy a media center that looks like this?


Probably over $1K!


I love how much storage this provides and how cute the display is on top!



These Ikea hacks have me running to Ikea like right now!

The transformations that have been shown are amazing and perfect if you want to create an inspiring girl boss office!


Working from home should be fun and these hacks offer the perfect aesthetic.

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Magical Smudging Tools To Clear Negative Energy

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

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Ikea Home Decor Office Hacks
Home office inspiration
Girl Boss Office Decor

5 Must-Have Abundance Attracting Crystals

Crystals For Abundance

By: Brighid An Lasair | |

abundance attracting crystals

Abundance has many meanings, though most people automatically associate abundance with financial abundance or prosperity.


Throughout my years of practice in metaphysics and crystal healing, I’ve found that abundance requires a multi-faceted approach.


It is not just focusing on attracting the wealth that you desire but also removing any energetic obstacles.


Below, I’ve created a list of my must-have abundance attracting crystals in a balanced but intricate way that works not only for short-term but long-term growth and success.

Abundance Attracting Crystals



Citrine for Abundance

Citrine is a powerful ally in the quest for abundance.


Not only does it attract money, but it also improves our confidence and gives us the courage we need to pursue our dreams.


Tied to the solar plexus chakra, this stone taps into our personal power, rejuvenating us when we need it most.


Oftentimes, our biggest roadblocks on the path to abundance is the limitation that we place on ourselves.


Citrine helps us to work through those limitations and see what we’re truly capable of.  


As this crystal removes or lessens our tendency to cloak ourselves in doubt and fear, it truly helps to open the gates of abundance to us.


Natural citrine, like the piece pictured, tends to be much more energetic than its heat-treated counterpart.


This means that it’s typically much more effective when working to draw in abundance and prosperity.


If you’re not able to find a piece of natural citrine, try pairing the heat treated variety with a clear quartz to amplify its energy.


pyrite for abundance

Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite assists us in attracting love, luck, health and wealth.


By tapping into our seat of personal power (the solar plexus), pyrite boosts our self-confidence and encourages us to elevate our view of the future.


Pyrite is one of the best abundance attracting crystals as it alleviates worry and promoting clear decisions that best serve us.


As a highly protective stone, pyrite also shields us from energies and intentions that would otherwise hold us back or sabotage our efforts altogether.


Emitting a unique energy field within the aura, this crystal will keep you focused on your goals, and also aid in maintaining a positive mindset that fosters growth and abundance at all levels of existence.


green adventurine for abundance

Aventurine comes in many colors, so it’s important to note that we are specifically talking about green aventurine when working to attract abundance.


While attracting money, aventurine also encourages us to continue growing both spiritually and professionally.


It’s through this support of growth that aventurine truly shines, as when we grow within ourselves, the things we attract to us also grow.


Working closely with the heart chakra, this crystal helps us to release our fear and anxiety on our path to abundance.


This release of energy makes room for abundance to flow in.


Clearing out anxiety and fear can also bring about clarity, allowing us to see new paths and opportunities for abundance.


Self-care is another facet of abundance that is facilitated through the use of aventurine.


When we care for ourselves, we allow our best self to emerge, which in turn allows us to share our best self with the world around us.


It is when we are truly at our best that we are able to manifest our dreams in abundance.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Red Jasper

red jasper for abundance


Though typically overlooked when it comes to abundance, red jasper is a vital component for its attraction.


Another one of the amazing abundance attracting crystals,  Red Jasper finds its home within the root chakra, which is also the seat of stability and security.


When we aren’t stable and secure within our financials or general abundance, we push it further away from us.


Red Jasper works with the root chakra to stabilize us and offer security while opening a channel to ground out our insecurities and anxiety.  


Through its connection to root chakra, red jasper allows us to also remain grounded in our purpose and intentions, ensuring that we don’t lose sight of our goals.


Red Jasper is a powerhouse for providing us with the stability, security, and grounding we need to truly draw abundance to ourselves.


selenite for abundance

A master of manifestation, selenite aids us in manifesting and attracting abundance, as well as other desires, into our lives.


This crystal works through the crown chakra, drawing in the energy of the universe and manifesting our intentions within the physical realm.


Utilizing its connection to the crown chakra and cleansing properties, selenite also aids us in clearing away mental fog and confusion, allowing us to form more concise intentions for abundance.


In our moments of doubt, and when self-limiting beliefs surface, selenite will help to break down these barriers and clear away energetic blocks.


As these releases take place, this crystal works to transform the energy into something beneficial, and supporting of our highest good, further enabling us to attract abundance instead of blocking it out.

The crystals mentioned provide the best results when used together, but will offer you support individually as well.


To help you attract abundance, I’ve put together a special Abundance Attraction Crystal Kit that’s available now in limited quantity.


These kits feature one piece of each of the stones discussed as well as an instruction guide for use and care.


For more crystal tips and guides, be sure to check out my shop website and blog.

Brighid An Lasair

Brighid An Lasair

Brighid An Lasair is the Owner and Education Director of Labyrinth Walking, a soul-centered metaphysical store located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Brighid has a passion for healing those around her and guiding those in need along their path to spiritual growth.

Facebook | Instagram | Email | Web

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Become More Wealthy with these Mindset Shifts

3 Mindset Shifts to Become Wealthy

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Crystals For Abundance (4)
Crystals for Money and Prosperity
Wealth & Prosperity Crystals

3 Mindset Shifts to Become Wealthy

Become More Wealthy with these Mindset Shifts

When working with clients to become wealthy; I’ve seen a lot of interesting patterns and limiting beliefs.


The people that I've worked with share many of the same common limiting beliefs.


Shifting these belief systems will go a long way to receiving the abundance of time, success, and money we all desire.


It’s amazing how quickly life changes once we are no longer limiting ourselves with these beliefs and we can become wealthy.

3 Limiting Beliefs that Block Becoming Wealthy

1. I am not worthy/ not deserving


This one, or some form of it, is the most common I’ve seen. I’ve even had to shift them in me.

It seems most of us pick up this limiting belief as we’re growing up.


We don’t do stuff right and get reprimanded, we don’t listen to adults around us, we continually ask for things that we don’t get, etc…


When we have a belief like “I’m not worthy”, this really limits us to what things we want, and we don’t let them into our lives.


We have trouble dreaming big, and also believing we can ever achieve that dream.


We will start sabotaging things, unconsciously, when they start to get beyond our limit of what we think we can have.


Especially with the deserving variant. When we believe we don’t deserve things, we don’t let ourselves shift into the receiving mode, and we are uncomfortable receiving.


An easy indicator of this is how people take compliments.


When someone tells you something great, or thanks you for something you did, can you receive it?


Or do you shrug it off with an “it’s nothing” etc.


Watch for this, and just start saying “thank you” and see how that feels to receive the nice words people are giving you.


Another good way to tell if you’ve got these limiting beliefs is to say the opposite out loud while looking into your own eyes in a mirror.


If it’s really hard to say, and you really don’t want to, chances are you have these limiting beliefs.


Good news, a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, and it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.


It’s not hard to change limiting beliefs, it just takes some persistence.

2. I am not enough/not good enough


This belief is similar in feel to “I am not worthy/ deserving,” but there’s a subtle difference.


When we believe we are not enough or not good enough, we either don’t see opportunities to get what we want, or we don’t take them.


Either way, we are not living what we want, which sucks.


This limiting belief is often hiding under an “I’m not deserving” type of belief, which can make it trickier to spot until we shift the deserving belief.


I’ve also noticed that people who have this limiting belief will often make just enough money.


They get their bills paid, but not enough to get ahead like they want.

3. I’m probably going to fail at this.


Thinking only a rare few people actually get their dreams and become wealthy is a big one.


The words might be a little different, but the basic belief is that only a select few can ever get their dreams, and I’m probably not one of them.


This one is insidious, and it is often reinforced by our pop culture. Hundreds of thousands of people want to be rich and famous, only a select few get it.


Look at popular movies that tell us that we ‘need to be special’ or extraordinary in some way to be the hero that saves the day.


Very entertaining, but also can reinforce the belief that ‘only a select few’ get it.


Combine this with an undeserving or unworthy belief and we will sabotage ourselves out of all kinds of success.


This belief needs to be replaced with one that says our success is inevitable. I really like “my success is inevitable and I’m on the right path”.


We know that the path is often winding and unexpected in places.


This belief statement doesn’t really combat head-on with the limiting beliefs, which makes it rather easy to say and believe.

What Mindset Really Is


I’ve got great news. Mindset is just our beliefs.


A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.


A thought can be changed.


It isn’t hard to change a belief, but it does take time and persistence.


To change a limiting belief, we need repetition to get through our conscious mind and into the unconscious mind.


It’s helpful if you have someone clear out the energy patterns first and then do the new belief statements.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Changing Limiting Beliefs


Pick your new belief statement. It needs to be positively worded (no don’ts or nots etc).


If you think you have all these limiting beliefs I’ve talked about here,


I would say this statement out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror 5-10 times every morning and night for at least 30 days.


After 30 days re-evaluate your life and possibly do another 30 days.


I am completely worthy and deserving. My success is inevitable and I’m on the right path.


It’s important to say it out loud, and if you can, look into your own eyes.


And if you want it to work extra well, have a positive emotion while saying it. This is easiest done by turning the statement into a little melody or dance.


This really works. I’ve changed my life and the lives of my clients by doing this work.


It’s easy, yet tedious, and we all hit a point where we don’t want to do it.


Keep going, past that point is real change if want to become wealthy!

Amandalee Hyatt

Amandalee is an energy mindset coach who uses her energy seeing and intuitive abilities to pinpoint exactly what limiting beliefs and energy patterns are in her clients way.


Together they shift these and create energy imprints and pathways for the clients to step into, allowing the client to create their dream life and to receive the large amounts of money they desire.

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