9 Bullet Journal Ideas for Woo Woo Babes


For us, spiritual boss babes, creativity is part of our process and flow.


Discover magical bullet journal ideas for woo babes below.


The divine feminine holds our creative power, however, we may not all have figured out the most therapeutic way to unleash this creativity.


That is why I love bullet journaling! At first, I was extremely hesitant to due to a lack of artistic ability.


Now I love to organize my thoughts in a gorgeous bullet journal format.


Check out the bullet journal ideas for woo babes below to help ignite some passions and create a more mindful journaling experience.

1 .  Track the Moon Cycles

How magical and full of moon power is this bullet journal idea for woo woo babes!

This is hands down my favorite way to keep track of the lunar phases and dates.


Moon Phase Bullet Journal Spread

Source: @thebujophase

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2. Mood Mandalas


This has got to be my favorite mood tracker page I've seen yet! I love the different and creative ways that mood tracker pages have been designed, but this Mandala is by far my favorite!


boho berry mood mandala

Source: bohoberry.com 



It could just be that I am a freak for The Secret and Law of Attraction, but I love this Quotes page.

I actually hadn't thought of creating quote bullet journal spreads, but now I am alllll about it!


Bullet Journal Quotes

Source: @toris_bujo



4. Dream Journaling Design


This gorgeous bullet journal page is full of dream watercolor. This would be a perfect aesthetic for a dream tracker!


Halees Comet Dreaming Journal

source @haylees.comet



5. Crystal Designs

Doodling and drawing crystals in your bullet journal has got to be the most high vibe way to bullet journal ever!


Halees Comet Crystals

source @haylees.comet



6.  Goal Setting


Another favorite from Boho Berry. Level 10 Life Goal setting is one of my favorite techniques to utilize when planning all areas of my life.


I love the way she created this level 10 bullet journal spread!


level 10 goals bullet journal

Source: Bohoberry.com

7. Self Care

Self Care is the most important human need.


Tracking your self-care and creating pretty bullet journal spreads for it is a great way to motivate you to carve out time for your own needs.


self care bullet journal page

Source: misslouie.com


8. Gratitude Tracker


Keep a gratitude diary in your bullet journal!


Such a great way to remember to practice gratitude each day to help you give thanks and manifest your desires.

Gratitude Tracker Bullet Journal

Source : https://thepetiteplanner.com/monthly-layout-march/



9. Celestial Inspired To Do List


Create Gorgeous Moon and Stars pages in your bullet journal to incorporate some ultimate woo!


Celestial Inspired To Do List

Source: @jannplansthings


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Bullet Journal Ideas Spiritual

The 9 Top Rose Quartz Beauty Products

Rose Quartz Face Roller

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Are You obsessed with everything Rose Quartz Beauty?


Rose quartz is a translucent pink stone often with gorgeous white veining.


The stone Rose Quartz represents love and also our ability to forgive and release.


Rose Quartz has taken the beauty world by storm and you can find products made from Rose Quartz and inspired by its romantic elements.

Check Out These Top Rose Quartz Beauty FInds

Pacifica Rose Crystals Setting Spray

Rose Quartz Crystal Dew Setting Spray

Pacifica is one of my go-to beauty brands for cruelty-free and non-toxic products!


This gorgeous and Rose Quartz infused setting spray will keep your make up in place.


Enjoy the light and moisturizing blend of natural extracts while invoking the power of Rose Quartz.


Find It Here: Rose Quartz Setting Spray at Target



Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil

Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil


Grab a gorgeous glow with this rose quartz inspired body oil.


Your body will illuminate and will feel deeply moisturized. High quality oils are infused along with a light Morracan Rose and Jasmine scent.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free with no fillers or artificial ingredients.


Find It Here: Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil at Revolve

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Comb


Free People Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

Incorporate this Rose Quartz beauty find into your daily routine.


This product will add a holistic touch to your hair and beauty regime.


Use this elegant Rose Quartz comb to amplify blood flow and improve circulation as you brush your hair.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Healing Crystal Comb

Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm

Prism Rose Gold Body Balm

Indulge in this creamy moisturizing balm that is infused with Rose Quartz Energy and Arctic Rose extracts.


This cruelty free balm is made with Pink Clay and Rosehip Seed Hip Oil to leave your skin feeling velvety and pampered.


Find It Here: Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm at Badger


Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller


Rose Quartz Roller

This Skin Roller is made of Rose Quartz which has skin healing properties.


The natural crystals move effortlessly over the face to help with blood circulation and skin tone.


This skin roller will also help promote lymphatic drainage and boost natural collagen production.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller at Macy's 


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


I love this lip gloss! Infused with Rose Quartz, this lip gloss has a natural shimmer and is super moisturizing.


Fruit pigments provide a beautiful sheer touch of color and shea butter and vitamin E ensure the gloss nourishes your lips.


100% Pure is one of my favorite brands because they are cruelty free and their products are made without synthetic dyes or toxins.



Find It Here: 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss at Revolve

Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray


Rose Quartz Vanity Tray Set

This vanity set is everything.


Create some high vibes in your bathroom with these exquisite pieces made from Rose Quartz.


The stunning beauty of these rose quartz Vanity items will completely transform the ambiance of your space.


Find it Here: Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray at Horchow


bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette


Bare Minerals Rose Quartz Bronzer & Highlighter Set

Illuminate your face from the subtle glow of crushed Rose Quartz Crystals.


This bronzer and highlighter trio will flatter all complexions with their microfine rose gold pigments.


This trifecta will work for all areas of your face including cheekbones, brow bone, and inner eye corner highlight.


Find It Here: bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette at Macy's


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Get an all-over glow with this shimmering body lotion.


Made with Rose Quartz, Watermelon, and Lemongrass you can't help but feel ethereal when using the body lotion.


Another great Pacifica find!


Find it here: Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion at Ulta

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rose quartz gemstone beauty products
Pink Crystal Healing
Rose Quartz Face Roller

27 Inspiring Law of Attraction Quotes To Help You Manifest

inspiring quotes

Whether you have been practicing law of attraction for a long time or are a newbie, you'll enjoy these law of attraction quotes.


I made a list of some of my favorite and inspiring law of attraction quotes that you can reference  to invite some manifesting magic.


Feel free to post to your Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest to share the love.

Law of Attraction is Radical Action

Ralph Smart

Law of Attraction is Radical Action

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.

Elizabeth Gilbert

An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Change your thought, and change your destiny

Joseph Murphy

You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward.

Miguel Ruiz

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly. You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.

Abraham Hicks

Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.

Neville Goddard

What you feel about another person, what you think or say about another person, what you do to another person – you do to you. Give judgment and criticism and you give it to yourself. Give love and appreciation to another person or anything, and you give it to yourself.

Rhonda Byrne

When you redirect your focus off what you’re going to “get” and onto how you want to feel, the Universe can get involved in the co-creation.

Gabrielle Bernstein

A man can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up his thoughts.

James Allen

Rise, Conquer, & Achieve

The moment you say it the skies will open for you and the non- physical energies begin instantly to orchestrate the manifestation of your desire.

Abraham Hicks

The universe sends you a message when you are not in resistance to receiving the message.

Ralph Smart

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

Bob Proctor

Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never-ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.

Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.

Bob Proctor

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.

Tony Robbins

manifesting quotes

The mind has a definite way of clothing one's thoughts inappropriate physical equivalents. Think in terms of poverty and you will live in poverty. Think in terms of opulence and you will attract opulence. Through the eternal law of harmonious attraction, one's thoughts always clothe themselves in material things appropriate unto their nature.

Napoleon Hill

You are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and you do it through your thoughts.

Rhonda Byrne, The Secret


Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back

The Power Of The Universe

From a mind filled with infinite love comes the power to create infinite possibilities. We have the power to think in ways that reflect and attract all the love in the world. Such thinking is called enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a process we work toward, but a choice available to us in any instant.

Marianne Williamson

Remember that your dominating thoughts attract, through a definite law of nature, by the shortest and most convenient route, their physical counterpart. Be careful what your thoughts dwell upon.

Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil

There is a space between man's imagination and man's attainment that may only be traversed by his longing.

Kahlil Gibran

It’s the age-old concept of like attracts like, or the law of attraction. You get back what you put out, so you might as well think positively, focus on visualizing what you want instead of getting distracted by what you don’t want, and send the universe your good intentions so that it can send them right back.

Sophia Amoruso

Our job is not to figure out the how. The how will show up out of the commitment and belief in the what.

Jack Canfield

Abundance isn’t something we acquire, its something we tune into.

Wayne Dyer

You, by your conscious assumptions, determine the nature of the world in which you live.

Neville Goddard

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Create A Digital Vision Board For Your Phone or Computer

How to create a vision board

Making a Digital Vision Board Is Extremely Powerful.


They are a great way to keep your goals in your face each day.


Even better are digital vision boards that you can save as wallpapers, screensavers, and your phone.


I'll share with you a video tutorial of how I currently create vision board wallpaper for my cell phone which had previously been such a pain.


You can also read below for a step by step tutorial as well.




Thoughts are things.


Our subconscious mind likes to see imagery to cement your goals firmly in your mind and move you towards them.


If you see your goals on a constant basis it will continue to provide clarity for what you are manifesting.


Visualization is one of the strongest ways to manifest your desires.


With a vision board, you have a tool in front of you to help you visualize more powerfully.


A digital vision board is easy and more accessible especially if it is your computer and cell phone background.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Step 1



Write down in a journal, notebook, or in a google doc that you want to achieve or manifest.


You can choose goals for the immediate future, 6 months, 1 year, or 5-10 years.


It's up to how you want to configure your vision board and how many vision boards you want to have.


I have one board with a mix of goals ranging from the immediate future up to 3 years.


Every couple of months I update the board.

Step 2 



You can save any image from the internet (as long as it is for personal use).


There are many different ways to find pictures for your vision board.


You google your goal and save a related image.


My favorite is to search Pinterest and save your image.


You can simply start a Pinterest Vision Board - make it secret if you want to keep it personal to you.


Create a board and save pins and images to that board and look at it frequently.


I have a Pinterest Board filled with pins and from there I take pictures and download them to put them on a digital vision board from computer and cell phone backgrounds.


For one Vision Board, you will probably want to have 6-12 images.

Step 3




Choose Desktop Wallpaper or custom dimensions of 1920 x 1080.

Canva Desktop Wallpaper

Upload your pictures from your computer. You can simply drag and drop into the upload area of Canva.


You can choose elements > grids to find a template that works for you and fits the picture dimensions that you like.

Grid in Canva

You can drag your pictures and resize to your liking without the pre-made template.


Download the completed VisionBoard wallpaper and set as your computer background.

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Step 4




Your cell phone will likely display your vision board wonky since it is a large horizontal image.


You can create another vision board with proper cell phone dimensions so it fits beautifully on your screen.


I create two separate vision boards for my locked screen and home screen on my iPhone. This holds my 10 pictures.


Create a Canva custom dimension design at 1080 x 1920 (the exact opposite of what we just did).


This creates a nice vertical image. You can google the screen dimensions of your cell phone to make sure your Canva size fits.


Here I use a blank canvas although if you can use the grids but I find them to cut off my pictures especially on my cell phone.


Resize to meet your desired arrangement. I choose a black background so that I can picture of different sizes and the space behind the pics show up it is black.


Download the Canva app on your phone.


Click on the file you want to save to your phone photos.

How To Make A Vision Board For Your Phone


Hit the arrow Icon on the top right corner to save to your phone.

save vision board in canva

Save the image to your phone and set as your background.


If you chose to make two different vision board photo collages you can set one as your locked screen and one for your home screen.




There you have it! I hope you enjoy getting creative and making your vision board for your computer wallpaper and cell phone background.


It is so easy and such an impactful way to help you manifest your goals.

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How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Vision Board Ideas
DIY Vision Board
How to create a vision board

Manifest Your Soulmate: Secrets to Attracting Your Perfect Relationship

How To Manifest Love and Relationship Goals

By age thirty, I thought I would have found my soulmate.


How about you? Have you been trying to manifest your soulmate on a conscious level?


Life has been somewhat different.


My name is Jasmine Rose and I am a single mother to two children- Luna, aged three years and River who is four months.


I had been searching for my soulmate for what felt like my entire life. I have always been a romantic.


My childhood was initially happy until my parents divorced when I was eight.


This caused a deep wound in my heart; my dad eventually moved on to another family where I was no longer welcome.


My mum found another husband and had a new baby on the way.


I didn’t fit in there either. My gran offered to raise me until times changed.


I left there on my eighteenth birthday.


My family rarely told each other they loved one another. 


My Gran took care of me and gave me everything I needed on a material aspect, she reminded me daily I wasn’t good enough to win the love of my parents.


I spent much of my youth seeking love, attention and validation from my peers to no avail.


As soon as I was capable of living independently, I was out the door and seeking that love, jumping from one toxic relationship to another.  

Manifest Your Soulmate
Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash

One day I thought I had finally made it.


I met someone that loved and understood me.


We had a baby and was engaged to be married.


After the birth of my daughter, things began to crumble.


He stayed out after work drinking, coming home late.


I later discovered he was interested and trying to become involved someone else.


I was heartbroken but I gathered up my strength and I said “enough”.


I was done with these relationships where I felt unworthy and used.


I wanted to know why every relationship I walked into ended in disaster.


Normally I would have turned a blind eye and swept it under the carpet but I had a little girl who was watching and looking up to me.


I had to be a role model for her and show her what real love is.


I had to be strong and show her that if someone doesn’t treat you with respect you do not put up with it.

The recurring factor in all my relationships was my inability to truly love and appreciate myself.


It was at this time I reached out to a transformational love coach who helped women like me learn to love themselves.


I dived right in and allowed myself to be coached.


Within a few months, my life and my perception of myself had dramatically changed.


I started believing in myself. I started my spiritual based business- Moonchild Mother.


However, I still wasn’t entirely satisfied or happy on my own.


Part of me was still seeking love and I decided to go ahead and start manifesting another relationship.


I started looking at online dating even though my gut instinct told me not to.


Pretty soon I was dating again. I met a man who seemed perfect but I kept him at arm’s length for a while.


Clearly, I should have listened to my intuition.


When we met we hit it off pretty quickly and I chastised myself for holding myself back.


I had every intention to move slowly but things moved quickly.


I was due to start college after the summer but a month into the relationship I discovered I was pregnant.


Pretty soon the man who I thought was perfect was very different to what he had seemed.


He hated all my friends and gave me the silent treatment whenever I saw them.


He made them feel so uncomfortable when they came around that they stopped visiting.


Soon he was criticizing my weight, my appearance and told me our child would be born deformed, malnourished, obese or dead.


I began to worry that I would not carry full term as the stress and the daily fighting began to take its toll.


My healthcare providers started expressing concerns that I was in a dangerous relationship.


If I did not leave now the abuse would likely get worse.


I went to my local women’s shelter and made plans for my escape.


I relocated and focused on continuing the rest of my pregnancy alone with my daughter.


Finally, I understood that I hadn’t been ready for a relationship to begin with. I started to make peace with myself and my current situation.


This baby had been gifted to me for a special reason- one which would facilitate me in enormous emotional growth and healing.


For the first time in my life, I wasn’t looking for someone to come into my life,


I was solely focused on being the strong, independent woman I had always wanted to be.


I began to study self-development, relationships, the roles we play in them.


I became a student of Bob Proctor and the Law of Attraction.


I devoted my time to transforming and reshaping my mind.


What I share with you now, is an effective way not just to manifest a soulmate but to walk your own path as your own soulmate and feel love and happiness from within.

Be Your Own Soulmate


Becoming your own soulmate is the key to manifesting the love into your life.


It means more than practicing a few self-love techniques and throwing in a bit of self-care at the end of a busy schedule.


Yes, you need to do that kind of work, but essentially this runs deeper.


You have to start putting yourself and your life under the microscope.


Are the relationships in your life fulfilling?


Is the relationship with your parents a struggle?


Do you feel stressed out or worn out after seeing a particular friend?


How’s your job looking?


Do you like your boss?


How do you feel when you spend time alone with yourself?


Anything that is not making your heart sing with joy needs to be looked at closer.


You see everything in our life right now is a state of where our thoughts are.


If your familiar with law of attraction you’ll understand that our thoughts create our feelings which in turn inspire our actions which give us our current results.


The job you are unhappy in, the money in the bank, the relationships you have are all governed by your internal environment.


Once we start to look inwards in a loving yet assertive manner, take responsibility for our current situation we can begin to step up to walk beside ourselves as our own best friend and soulmate.


Never again will we blame anyone for our situation or the environment outside of ourselves.


Once we take a role of our part, our circumstances, our thoughts and our feelings we truly liberate ourselves.


Make a promise to yourself now that from here on in, it’s all about you.

Attract Your Soulmate

You Attract What You Are


Just as our thoughts create our own reality; when it comes to relationships we don't always attract what we want but we attract what we are.


This is where our current paradigms or belief systems around ourselves come to play.


The best way to examine this is again looking at your current relationships and your past relationships.


Is there a recurring pattern or theme?


Are you always being cheated on?


Are you faced with a lack of commitment?


Are you often treated poorly?


Are you a magnet for narcissists, physical, emotional and sexual abuse?


Has this been a theme also in your childhood?


If you can resonate with this know that it is not your fault.


You can't control the pain and trauma that was inflicted on you.


However, when this happens to us and if we do not do the healing around us we accept the reality we are experiencing to be our truth.


We carry that pain, sadness and trauma in our hearts and we begin to vibrate on a level of pain.


One of the biggest paradigms I have seen in others and in myself is the ongoing theme “I'm not enough" and low and behold we attract relationships based on that story we unconsciously tell ourselves.


We need to break these paradigms and replacing them with new ones.


There are only two ways to change the beliefs in the subconscious mind- intense pain/ trauma or repetition.


You need to flood your unconscious mind with love and positivity.


One of the ways I recommend that you do this is to write a list of what you would want to give love to?


What bits of your body don't you like?


What behaviors don't you like?


Make a list and rephrase them with “I love and appreciate my belly, I am so grateful that my belly held my two beautiful children” “I am enough”.


Write them out and record them. Listen to them daily and over-night while you sleep.


The sound of your own voice saying these are so powerful.


You may not believe it right now but give it a few weeks to allow it to sink in and you will feel yourself changing and you will start to grow to truly love yourself.

Self Love


Now it is time to start loving yourself completely.


Treat yourself the way you would a precious child.


One of the biggest things I struggled with over the years was that I didn't really know what that looked like other than the occasional bubble bath with a bath bomb.


A lot of the time I thought it was buying myself stuff to feel better.


I now know it’s not the way although do reward yourself from time to time if you enjoy something that makes you feel good like a special dress, a haircut, a manicure, an activity you enjoy like a gym pass.


Self-love is something we need to incorporate into our daily routines.


Think back to when you were a child.


Did you have a family member that truly nurtured you, made you feel safe and loved?


In essence, we need to adapt to a motherly role towards ourselves.


What’s your morning routine like?


Are you priming yourself for love and success?


First thing in the morning I get up and I start to play my affirmations and my goals.


I pop on an audiobook- usually The Power by Rhonda Byrne 

or something by Abraham Hicks.

Maybe you have some music that just makes you come alive when you listen to or makes you feel good.


Get it on and get ready for an amazing day.


Start to imagine how good your day is going to be.


Imagine unexpected surprises that lift you up.


Be grateful for all you have by saying thank-you for everything you see around you.


Take a little bit extra time over your appearance, have a healthy, energizing breakfast and head out the door with joy in your heart even if you have to fake it till you make it.


You will begin to see the difference echoed back to you in your reality.


People will start to notice a change in you that they haven’t seen before and they will want to know what you are doing.


Make sure you have time in your schedule to have fun with friends and do the things that you really love.


In the evening- just like you have a morning routine, set up an evening routine to aid you in winding down for the evening.


Have a delicious meal.


Run yourself a bath with Epson salts and essential oils.


Wind down with your favorite book or movie and get to bed at a decent time so that you are rested for the day ahead.


Even if you find at the beginning of these exercises that you don’t feel great, as you play along with this you’ll gradually catch yourself being happy in the moment.


Rocketing into the high vibration of love.


I tell you it is a wonderful thing when this happens.


You feel the genuine excitement as you ease into the flow.


More and more wonderful things begin to you.


Your new vibe will begin to attract new people around you.


The old relationships that haven’t been working for you recently will either begin to heal or fall away from your life.


You see now how easy for your soulmate to find you now?


Set the vibe and attract your tribe.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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It’s All About Those Boundaries Baby


Before we get clear about what you really want we need to clean up the energy in your life.


This ensures that you are not attracting the residue or unhealed aspects of your past life or relationships you must look at ensuring that you have had closure.


Unfinished business will attract more unfinished business.


Do you have an ex that still hangs on?


Do you have an ex you’re still sleeping with or a no strings attached situation?


Are there elements of a relationship that still has baggage?


Do you have children with your ex and are you on good terms?


Some of my exes I am still good friends with.


The relationship between my daughter’s dad and I has seen some of the biggest improvements.


We used to hold a lot of anger towards one another.


When I started to cut energetic cords with him and release my anger, it started to dissipate between us and our friendship grew over time.


I have a full detailed description on how to do this which you can read here: http://moonchildmother.com/index.php/2018/01/04/how-to-release-your-ex/


Work on your energetic boundaries every single day.


Where could you say No instead of saying yes?


Where do you need to take risks and say Yes instead of No?


Do you leave yourself with no time because you are always helping or giving to others?


Make rest and filling your own cup your top priority.


It’s fine to help others but tune in to see where your energy is best spent.


Helping others shouldn’t have you feeling like your exhausted and dragged down.


It should help you feel replenished.


What do you really want?


It’s time to get specific about how you want your relationship to look like and what kind of partner you want to attract.


You may not know what you want.


When you have had a lifetime of pain and disappointment, the idea of what you want may seem impossible.


You may not dare to dream.


If this is how you feel I would suggest following what I have said up until now until you feel ready and you have a clear idea.


Once you get into that high vibe, happy state, make your list of all the qualities you want your partner to have.


How do they make you feel?


What interests do they have?


Will they support you in your goals?


What does that support look like?


In what ways do they value you?


What kind of “memories” will you make?


Get daydreaming, get carried away.


What happens the first day you move in together?


What kind of dates do you have? When you have it clear in your mind, write it down.


Like you did with your affirmations, record it and listen to it every single day while seeing it in your mind’s eye.


Then I want you to forget about it almost.


Don’t get caught up in the how it will happen.


Just listen, visualize and know it is coming.


Be open to the hundreds of possibilities out there.


Do not go actively seeking and causing resistance- the universe generally takes the path of least resistance.


Go out and have some fun with your friends- who knows who you will be introduced to, take risks outside your comfort zone which encourage your own emotional growth.

Make the Space for Love to Come In

You are actively working on you. You are being your own soulmate.


You're changing the way you feel about yourself, reprogramming your mind for love.


You are incorporating love and care into your daily routine.


You are cleaning up the energy around you and healing from your past.


You have asked the universe to send your soulmate.


Now we need to create the space for them to come into your life. and we achieve this by creating the “vacuum” effect.


This is where you create space for the new to come in.


Have a clear out of your home and declutter from everything that you no longer need or that which no longer serves you and give thanks for it being in your life.


You can also do this with the relationships and friendships that are no longer serving you.


Go through every room in your house.


Donate items from previous relationships that hurt you to look at.


Clear out your wardrobe and keep only the clothes you have worn in the past six months and make you feel completely amazing when you wear them.


Ask yourself is there space for a new partner to enter your life?


Clear out or down-scale your closet, making space for your partner’s half.


Set the place at the table for an extra person at meal times.


Sleep on one side of the bed. Show the universe that there is space to be filled and he or she will come.


Start to spend the time visiting the places you would reserve only for a date.


Take yourself on a dinner date, a sight-seeing tour.


Pretend to be a tourist for the day and visit museums and see the wonders of your city and beyond.


Go for a picnic and pack some champagne and strawberries.


For now, you could be going alone but who knows who you may meet along the way.


I have given you the steps to manifest your soulmate.


I have seen this bring phenomenal results in the form of soulmates, love, inner peace, love of self and happiness.


You may manifest your soulmate or maybe you’ll be like me and choose to walk in harmony with yourself, being completely happy within yourself just a little while longer.


I look forward to hearing your results.


** Be your Own Soulmate course will be available as September 2018

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6 Ways to Use Crystals With Your Pets To Balance Their Chakras

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How to Manifest Love Using Law of Attraction
How to Find Your Soulmate
Learn How To Attract Your Perfect Soulmate

Reiki For Beginners : How to use Energy Healing

Reiki For Beginners

What is Reiki For Beginners?


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that balances the mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki is a safe and natural form of energy healing.


Rei - Spiritually guided

Ki - Life Energy


Reiki is translated as life force energy that is present in all living things.


In humans, animals, plants. All things have energy.


If you do yoga you may be familiar with the word chakra, which translated from Sanskrit means wheel or disk.


The chakras are the energy centers that Reiki or life force energy passes through.


It is this energy that keeps up alive, vibrant and healthy.

When our energy centers are blocked or have imbalances it can be manifested in our emotional and physical bodies as illness or dis-ease.


For example, if your root or base chakra is imbalanced you may experience symptoms such as anger, frustration, fear of not having enough money or pain in your legs, feet and lower back.


I’ve written an extensive article about how to balance the base chakra over here.

Hands-On Healing


Reiki is a healing modality that supports removing those energetic blockages allowing Ki (life force energy) to move freely through those meridians.


Reiki is performed by an attuned practitioner who channels life force energy through his or her hands unto another.


Some Reiki practitioners will utilize various tools in their session such as crystals, essential oil and sound.


Reiki does not require you to take your clothes off like a massage.


It can be done by laying on a mat, table or even sitting in a chair.


Some practitioners will lay their hands on their clients very gently while others will allow their hands to hover slightly above the body.

Hands on Energy Healing
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Distance Healing


To some, it may sound odd but Reiki is not limited by time or space.


An attuned Reiki Practitioner at the second degree or Master level can send Reiki energy to anyone in the world at any time.


You don’t have to be in the same room with a Reiki practitioner to feel and benefit from the effects of Reiki.


Personally, I have given and received distance Reiki and it works just as well as being in the same space.


It’s also pretty convenient!


You can get a nice Reiki boost at the office, right before bedtime or before a big event and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Reiki Goes to Where It Is Needed

Reiki is an intelligent form of energy healing and it goes to where it is needed.


In other words, Reiki won’t always heal the symptoms because it is healing the source or root cause of the symptoms.


So for example, if someone is having a headache and your intention is to have a Reiki healing session for pain relief, that may not happen as quickly as you’d like because the energy is healing the source of that headache.


Which could be any number of things.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Reiki for Self-Care

Whether you want to become a Reiki practitioner or just receive Reiki, it’s a powerful and gentle modality to heal your body, mind, and soul.


As a practitioner of Reiki, I have a daily self-care practice that involves repeating the five principles of Reiki in meditation first thing in the morning.


These principles are:

Just for Today:

  • I will not be angry


  • I will not worry


  • I will be grateful


  • I will do my duties to the fullest


  • I will be kind to others


Each principle is meant to help us heal and live our lives in the five areas of emotions, thoughts, gratitude, self-growth, and compassion.


Reiki has changed my life and the way I live.


As a busy working mom of two young children, I used to suffer from anxiety, fear and worry all the time.


It was crippling trying to juggle the ups and downs of life and then I found Reiki and life changed.


I got a few treatments, then started to develop a daily practice which eventually led me to become a Reiki Master and Self Care Life Coach.


Reiki is a great healing modality to include in a life coaching session.


At the beginning of a life coaching series, I offer my clients an optional 60-minute session to remove blockages in their chakras.


This helps them to set powerful and intentional goals that are aligned with their highest selves.

What To Expect During Reiki
Photo by Simone Pellegrini on Unsplash

What can you expect from a Reiki Session?

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that is safe, noninvasive and not religious.


Reiki is different for everyone but some persons report feeling heat, tingling or extreme relaxation.


When I do Reiki on myself I almost always fall asleep so I try to do it at night as a part of my nightly ritual.


Given that Reiki is removing blockages, a few days of a session some people will experience symptoms of a detox.


That is kinds what’s happening anyways. You’re removing all of those blockages and toxins from your energy centers.


Some people like to get Reiki to just relax and calm the mind.


Whether you already have a self-care practice or want to start one, incorporating Reiki is a wonderful way to give yourself some healing and self-love.

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Lauri-Ann is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Self-Care Coach.


She helps busy, overworked women who feel stuck to slow down and step into a life of ease, grace and experience more fulfillment and flow in their lives.


She helps her clients to design a life that’s intentional by incorporating daily sacred practices that support self-care and reawakens their divine feminine essence.

Website: www.lauriannainsworth.com

Instagram: @lauriannainsworth

Pinterest: LauriAnnAinsworth

Facebook: lauriann.ainsworth

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What is Reiki Healing
How To Learn Reiki Healing
How to Use Energy Healing by clearing your Chakras

The Meaning Of Your Dreams: 7 Ways to Interpret Them

What Do Dreams Mean

What Are The Meaning of Your Dreams?


Dreams are a weird and wonderful concept, aren't they!! Do you ever wonder if there is a meaning of your dreams?


Some people swear blind that they never dream....whereas some of us seem to take a trip to the movies every night in our dreams!!!


I love dreams and always have!


For as long as I can remember I've always had super vivid dreams.


The kind where it's like I'm watching a gripping boxset back to back all night.


I always look forward to waking up and remembering my dreams so that I can interpret their meaning.

Why Do We Dream?


There are many concepts around dreaming and I'm not going to get too much into the nitty gritty of it all!  


I'm not a scientist LOL!


Dreams occur as a way for our brains to make sense of things that have happened in our life or are happening.  


Things going on for us that we are mulling over and which we want to figure out.


Someone we've met who has had an impact on us.  


A situation that is bothering us.


They are a way for the subconscious mind to problem solve and work things out.


The problem with our conscious mind is that it's too bloody loud!!


Always thinking. Always processing!


Sometimes, we really just need some downtime to give our conscious mind a break and let our subconscious mind take over a for a while.  


That's what dreaming helps us with.


As we sleep our conscious mind switches off and takes a break so that our subconscious mind can step in for a while and work things out.


Dreams are also a way for Spirit to communicate with us.  


To share guidance with us or visit us or help us through a problem.


For me, as someone who is highly intuitive, dreams are how I receive messages from Spirit as vivid dreaming is connected to clairvoyance.


As I said, I'm not a scientist but I know my own mind when it comes to dreams.


I've had years of interpreting them for myself and others; plus many a visitation in my dreams!

Why Does Spirit Communicate with Us in Our Dreams?


As I've already mentioned, our subconscious mind can't get a word in edgeways when our conscious mind is firing on all cylinders whilst we are awake!


This is the same for Spirit too and by Spirit, I refer to our Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Archangels and our Higher Self.


Sometimes our conscious minds really stand in the way of us receiving guidance from Spirit during the day.


They make the most of our sleep time and use dreams to communicate with us!


Spirit communicate with us for all different reasons in our dreams.  


Mainly it's to help give us guidance and answers to the problems we are focussing on.


Sometimes they like to visit too.


I love visitations and always wake up with a warm fuzzy feeling of unconditional love!


Remember when you wake up from a dream and think "WTF was that all about?!?!


What a WEIRD dream!!"....yep, I say this all the time too even though I'm used to interpreting them!!  


They are so weird because dreams are full of metaphors and symbolism...it's how Spirit communicate with us via this language.


It's our conscious mind that overcomplicates everything.


It tries to look at the logical reasoning for that dream or that imagery which is why in order to interpret dreams you have to look at them without the logical reasoning of your conscious mind.

How to Interpret your Dreams - The Basics


As I've mentioned, I've been interpreting dreams for myself and others for as long as I can remember!!!


So I've learned A LOT about what they mean!! But that doesn't mean that it's hard for others to interpret their dreams.


The biggest piece of advice from me is to not overcomplicate the dream.


Take the logic out of it!


I'll break this up into sections so that the advice is easy to follow and you can use this to start taking more of an interest in your own dreams!


First and foremost though, if you really do want to learn more about your dreams, start keeping a dream journal!!


It doesn't have to be anything fancy....just an ordinary journal that you keep by the side of your bed and use it to write your dreams in when you wake up.  


I've been keeping a journal for about 6 months now and have really started to notice patterns in my dreams and reoccurring messages which I find pretty cool!

Imagery of Dreams
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash



For me, imagery is THE biggest part of our dreams.


By imagery, I refer to all the visuals you see, the symbolism, the metaphorical imagery.  


We don't need to overcomplicate this though and the way I like to use the imagery I receive is to think about the very basic meaning of that image.


Sounds simple, yes, but remember that we can overcomplicate things with our conscious mind!


What does that image mean to you?  

How does it make you feel?

What do you think is the message?


Let's take a bike for example.  Bikes are a mode of transport. They are how you get from A to B.  


Bikes are also about balance, if you want to ride a bike then you have to keep it balanced unless you have stabilizers on it!  See how easy that is to interpret?


So if you have a dream about being on a bike, make note of where you are going, if you stayed on the bike, if the journey was easy or hard.


Another example and one that comes up a lot for people are trains.  


Trains are also about journeys. You take a train to go somewhere. They are very fast too and get you from A to B in a fast time!  


So in relation to trains, what are your dreams telling you?


Are you always stood on the platform and missing the train?


This will mean that you aren't taking the opportunities in life that you are being given.  


You are missing the boat so to speak. Or are you on the train and facing forwards and seeing where you are going?


This is a very clear message that you are on the right tracks so to speak and are going in the right direction!


Imagery also covers so much more too such as the weather.  Raining is about the emotions as are all water dreams and the cleansing of emotions.  


Sunny weather represents happy times and when it's windy be prepared for a rough time.  


The time of day is also an important factor to notice.


Daytime is about seeing a situation clearly and new beginnings whereas nighttime is symbolic of the subconscious and of things coming to an end.

What Are the Meanings of my dreams
Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash


What were you doing in your dream?  Were you swimming? Going for a walk? Eating ice cream? Reading a book?


Every situation has a meaningful representation and you have to look at what that dream situation is trying to tell you.  


For example, swimming in a dream is about being immersed in your emotions and cleansing yourself whereas eating ice cream can represent needing to have more fun in your life.



We've all heard of Angel numbers. Ways that Angels use to communicate with us due to the vibrational meaning attached to each number.  


I see numbers often in my dreams and make sure to pay attention to them when I do see them so that I can look up their meaning.


Numbers are a very clear message from your Angels and can appear in all forms.....on a train or bus ticket, on a door or in a book in your dreams.


Make sure to write the number down and in what context you saw it and how that number's meaning relates to the overall meaning of your dream.


A great website that I like to use to learn more about the Angel numbers I see daily is Sacred Scribes by Joanne Walmsley and you can learn more about the vibrational meaning of the numbers here.  


You can also look up every individual Angel number via this link too to learn more about what your Angels are trying to tell you!



Spirit like to show us words in our dreams too.  


These can be a little bit more self-explanatory than numbers - what is the word you are given?  


Is it someone's name? A place? A word in a menu or a book or on a sign?


Think about what this word means to you and how it makes you feel.  


Even if it doesn't make sense to you, still make a note of it as you'll find that it'll become more significant in the coming days, weeks or months.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Other people tend to show up in dreams quite a lot.  


They can be those you know in real life, those you know who are now in Spirit, complete strangers or even celebrities!


Even though you may dream of someone you know, for example, your mother or your daughter, dreams with people don't always relate directly to that person.


It can actually be a symbolism for what the essence of that person represents such as the mother figure being nurturing and able to bring life into this world.


Strangers can be popular characters in dreams too and these can represent the unknowns around us or perhaps its more about noticing what they are wearing in the dream, what they are saying or what they are doing.


Celebrities can appear in our dreams too and the best way to interpret celebrity dreams is to see them as a mirror of yourself.  


You are idolizing this person (or not in some cases!) and so what you see in this celebrity is what you want more of in your life or who you want to become.  


See celebrity dreams as mirror reflections of yourself!


My favorite people dreams though are when I have visitations from loved ones!!


Spirit like to come through in our dreams every now and then because it's easier to meet us on the astral plane (Dream Land!) than in the present time.


Sometimes they like to just come through and say hi.


Other times they have a message for us or need to give us a gentle push for something!


You'll know when you've had a visitation though because you'll FEEL it!  


It's like you wake up with this warm fuzzy glow like the sort you have when you first fall in love. It's a wonderful feeling!


That's because Spirit represents unconditional love.


No matter what went on for you and them in this life they will ALWAYS love you in Spirit and that is no more so apparent than when you have a dream visitation from them!



As I've already mentioned, if you really want to start getting to know the meaning of our dreams then keeping a dream journal will help!  


I keep mine at the side of my bed and write down my dreams when I first wake up (not always...depends on my toddler!) but the best time to write them down is definitely the first thing when they are still fresh in your mind.  


By writing your dreams down you'll start to notice a pattern over time of a recurring message or see transformations going on.


For example, in one dream you could be stood at the bottom of a hill looking up but over time you may find yourself at the top of the hill looking down which shows that you have taken the necessary steps in your life to move forwards and upwards.

Want to Know More?


I hope you've found this article interesting and that it can help you to start interpreting your own dreams!  


I've been doing it for as long as I can remember so don't get disheartened if you aren't sure of them at first.  


I do also offer Intuitive Dream Interpretations too via my own website and you can find out more information here.

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Dream Interpretation
What Do My Dreams Mean
Dream Symbols and Meaning

5 Simple Ways to Ignite Connection With Your Baby

Tips For Connecting with Your Newborn Baby

Hey, #MindfullnessMamas congratulations on your bundle of joy! Do you want to find a connection with your baby?


Did you feel that surge or love, do you want to #NurtureThatSparkle you see and feel within your baby?


You are your #BabiesFirstTeacher from the very first #SkinToSkin to the hugs you will share for the rest of your lives.


#LoveCreatesLove so ignite that sparkle and connection with your baby with the power of touch in these five simple ways!

skin to skin with your baby

Your First Connection with Your Baby


That first contact baby gentle places on your Chest! The bonding begins, continue this!


Let Dada join in - place baby in his arms, let him hold the precious gift the universe has given you against his bare chest.


Spend time both of you snuggling with Baba.


Do not be afraid of western taboos #SkinToSkin contact between parent and child releases feel good and bonding hormones.


Giving Baba the most secure start to igniting the sparkle inside.

how to nuture skin to skin with your baby

By Nature We Are Tribal!  


It takes a village to raise a child. Family and friends have all waited to meet this new arrival.


Welcome the gifts your own version of ‘village’ brings to you.


By sharing your joy and receiving what is offered to you, you share the love.


You teach your baby that #LoveCreatesLove, enriching their lives.


Let your village hold your baby, help feed and care for your baby.


Let your baby feel secure in the arms of your village.


Mamas arms will always be their safe haven but let them feel the -- security you and your child already share with your tribe.

how to be a mindful mama

From the very second you baby enters this world you become #BabiesFirstTeacher.


Baby belongs in your arms!


Baby learns to sparkle in your arms!


Do not enter into the belief that baby needs all the gadgets and toys on the market.


Baby needs you!


Want baby to flourish, to grow, to sparkle - touch, hold, make eye contact, nurture, talk, interact.


A baby cannot be spoilt by too much love!


Baby yoga and baby massage both give you the chance to bond together and for you to ignite a sparkle that you and baby can grow together!


Start singing those nursery rhymes - baby cries - acknowledge - eye contact, touch.


Use a pacifier but do not substitute the power of touch.


Teach baby to explore the world from the safety and security of your arms and the spark with ignite for them to flourish in the world when the time comes outside of your arms.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Live in the moment!


Enjoy the moment!


In the western world, too much pressure is put on you to detach from your precious gift.


How much of our babies time is spent in a container  - cribs - prams - buggies - car seats - playpens - bouncy chairs.


Yes, each has its place but do not substitute your arm.


Do not detach from the gift the universe bestowed on you, that you grew and nurtured inside of you!


Hold baby every chance you get. Comfort baby every time you are needed to.


Carry the baby from the house to the car.


Have baby parent facing so you can maintain eye contact and regularly reassure with a stroke of the cheek or touch of the hand.


Use a sling, don’t leave baby in a container when they can be within the place they belong - your arms!


We only have eighteen summers at best before our fledglings take flight into the world.


#MindfulnessMama ensures you #NurtureThatSparkle by always being present and connected in the moment.

create love with your baby

Intimate contact creates happier, healthier babies.


We cannot ignite a sparkle in our infant and not nurture it to grow and become a shining light.


Be the parent who always welcomes their child with open arms.


Be the parent who always kisses their child goodbye.


Never let your child feel excluded from  your arms.


Build baby massage and baby yoga into your daily routine.


Dance with your daughters and sons.


Play round and round the garden or my little piggie over and over.


Take the photos but do not hide behind the camera - be the one running hand and hand into the sea.


Build those memories in a sea of touch, for you will always remember a small hand in yours but will they remember a kind, safe enveloping hand holding theirs.


For a babies brain to grow and develop the most important factor is the physical and mental bond that you share.


With the most powerful of all touch, we can #NurtureThatSparkle.

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How to Connect with Your Baby
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9 Insane Blog Income Reports: Blogs that make $500 – $100K per month

Bloggers Making Money Online
How do bloggers make money online

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

I wanted to share some blog income reports with you to show you the power and money that can be made from blogging.


I never get tired of reading blog income reports.


They are a great source of inspiration and data for me as grow my blog each and every month.




Blog income reports are extremely powerful to read in that they show how bloggers make money.


They usually provide a pretty decent breakdown of what programs, and products they were able to earn money from.


Bloggers love to put out log income reports because they draw attention.


They are also a great way to earn affiliate income from services they recommend throughout the post.

**PS If you are interested in Starting a Blog please check out this blog post:

How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes


Below is a great list of bloggers who put their income and expenses out there for all to see.


I decided to showcase blogs that make anywhere from $1,000 per month all the way to $100,000.


By seeing this range of bloggers I hope you see those who are making a bit of money as a side hustle.


I also want to you to see those who are making a flow blown and huge income to show the possibilities.


Making money online is has limitless options and these bloggers show that.

$100-$10K Per Month

Kendra Blogs :

How I Made $513.60 with a New Blog and A Small Audience


At the time of this income report, Kendra's blog is only 3 months old and already generating income!


She shows how quickly you can make money blogging. She shares the blog posts she posted in the past two months and what has earned her money.

Maya Maceka:

How I Made $779 In My Third Month Blogging


This blogger has started off her blogging game with income from ads and web hosting.


She shows how you can start to make money blogging as and affiliate and digital nomad.

Taylor Stanford: 

How I Made $2,052.32 In June 2018 Blogging (June 2018 Income Report)


Taylor is really ramping up her blogging and earning money without a ton of page views.


She was able to earn over $2k With less than 10K page views. In blogging, we put such a HUGE focus on page views.


It is so nice to see a blogger making money with this many page views. Definitely inspiring for me!


$10K-$50K Per Month

Root And Revel: 



Kate is a wellness blogger that I recently started following. She is doing an incredible job utilizing Pinterest to grow her audience.


She makes a great income from affiliate marketing. Definitely check her out if you are in the health and wellness niche!

Fit Mom Journey:

June 2018 Blog Traffic & Income Report - $13,181


Gretchen is a health blogger who makes quite a bit from affiliate marketing.


She as great web traffic with most of it coming from Pinterest.


Another great example of someone driving Pinterest traffic and making money from affiliates.

Just A Girl and Her Blog:

December 2016 Traffic and Income Report - $41,700


Although Just a Girl and Her Blog stopped posting income reports at the end of 2016 they are still an incredible resource.


Abby has been a strong blogger sharing her income with us since 2014. I still like to look over her old income reports to see how she started as a hobby blogger.


Her newer blog posts still provide lots of insight on starting and running a blog.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Over $50K Per Month

Billionaire Blog Club:

How I Made $76,139.09 This Month Blogging From Home


I love Scrivs (Paul Scrivens). I took his Billionaire Blog Club course and it was the best course I have taken to help out my business.


** The course is actually in its last run at $397 and will be revamped for August at $1500.00. 


If you enroll now you will be grandfathered into his new blogging course while paying the cheaper rate.


If you'd like to sign up here is my affiliate link: www.sarakdaigle.com/bbc


That's saying a lot because I've taken A LOT of courses. Paul runs I believe over 10 blogs and is able to make money from most of them.


I highly suggest taking his Free 12 Day Blog Bootcamp for an awesome jampacked way to learn how to start blogging.



Making Sense of Cents: 

Michelle Schroeder is another, big time blogger, earning mad money.


Michelle put out the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course (which I have taken and loved!).


She shows how she earns money from a wide variety of sources including her killer course on how to start affiliate marketing.

Smart Passive Income: 

My December 2017 Monthly Income Report - $167,553.31


Pat Flynn is my favorite resource for blogging and business.


An all around cool dude, he has been publishing income reports since 2008 and sharing his knowledge with his audience ever since.


Check out his Smart Passive Income YouTube Channel if you want more of Pat!


Just a few of the blogs I follow and how much they are able to make from their blog.

Super eye-opening and helpful to you especially if you are thinking of blogging.




My Blog Post - How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes


Paul Scrivens Free Blogging Course - 12 Day Free Blogging  Bootcamp


Michelle Schroeder's Affiliate Course - Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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How much do bloggers make?
Blog Income Reports
How do bloggers make money online

How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes

Start A Blog on Wordpress

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Hey Love!


Have you been considering starting a blog to help with your business? As an online marketer and clarity coach, I had been on the fence about if I should start a blog.


I am so happy that I started my blog. It has helped me get hundreds of opt-ins to my email list, earn affiliate income, and collaborate with other boss babes.


Starting a blog is actually easy. I’m not saying that maintaining and optimizing a blog is easy, but it is rewarding.

Web Hosting

How you choose to use your blog is up to you.


You can have it a supplemental way to drive traffic to your website, another income stream through affiliates posts and ad traffic.


It can also just be a fun place for you to discuss your tops and promote your brand.


My blog is the center focus of my business so I put lots of work into it. The only thing I can say is an I WISH I STARTED SOONER!


I can only imagine if I would have started 10 even 5 years ago.


Most bloggers are making 5 and 6 figure incomes when they put their focus on monetizing their blog.


Getting starting is the easy part, what you choose to do after is up to you. 


This Post Covers How To Set Up Your Blog on WordPress


You can use this tutorial even if you are setting up your website without blog functionality to start with.


Even if you just want a simple page explaining about your services.


In This Tutorial I Cover:


  • Blog Idea List
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog & Domain Name
  • Hosting Set Up
  • Website Theme and Builder Options
  • How To Make $$$ With Your Blog

Blog Idea List


You can start a blog about anything on the planet! Your blog can be a money generator or be a passion project.


It can also be a strategic tool to use in your business.


Blogging is powerful because you can put out content that will last forever.


If you are just using social media that content can disappear quickly.


If you start off with a blog post; you can then break it down and use it to help with all other content including Instagram captions, Facebook posts, and emails to your mailing list.


Speaking of mailing lists, you can use your blog to provide value and freebies to get people on your mailing list.


This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list.


Any business can have a blog which is basically just information on their industry and services.


Some of the top blog ideas are:


  • Home Decor
  • Health/Fitness
  • Recipes/Diet
  • Couponing/Saving Money
  • Making Money
  • Travel & Vacation
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty/Makeup/Fashion
  • Wedding & Event Planning
  • Shopping
  • Life and Business Coaching: oh hai this is me!

There is so much opportunity in this niche for blogging. More on this in the money making section.


As you can see it really is a tool that can be used with any niche.


The best part is is that you can get started today, even right now and be up and rolling in as little as a half hour.


You can blog as little or as much as you want.


If you are looking to monetize your blog then yes you will have to blog consistently each month, but it is FUN WORK!



There are a few options to choose from when it comes to blogging and website set up in general



WORDPRESS.ORG (different than wordpress.com). This is what I use.





You have limitless options with wordpress.org and can tailor it to meet any of your needs including an online store, landing pages, and so much more.  


Thousands of plugins mean you can add literally any customization to your website.


It is FREE.

To set up wordpress.org you are not required to pay any monthly fees. You can buy additional add-ons, but if the service is free.  


It is EASY.

The reason why some of the other options such as Squarespace and WIX are so popular is because they offer drag and drop editors.


You too can use drag and drop builders to make it just as easy. I use Beaver Builder (more on that below).



WordPress.org powers over 25% of the world’s websites and almost every system out there are seamlessly compatible with it.


In the many forums I am in, I have seen countless bloggers run into issues with the other blog services.


They have trouble when it comes to customization, SEO, and getting their website to work with Pinterest and other functionality.


WordPress.COM is different than WordPress.ORG.


WordPress.COM It is a limited platform that requires you to upgrade to their paid service based on how much data you use.


They also place ads on your site that you can’t monetize. You also can not use your plugins of choice.


Make sure you choose WordPress.ORG!

Blog and Domain Name


This is the fun part. Brainstorming the name of your blog. 


I own quite a few domains including my name actual name www.sarakdaigle.com.


I choose my name for my business as I am branding my business as myself.


I may choose to use another domain for my blog that is a bit more creative, but for now, I am happy.


Whatever you choose make sure it is EASY.


Be creative but nothing hard to spell or with difficult words.


People need to be able to type in their browser quickly or be a name that they can recognize.


I buy my domains at Siteground because this is where I host all of my websites. (More on Hosting Below).


The cost for the year is about $15 which is pretty cheap!


You can go to www.namecheap.com as an alternative option.


Their domains are about $10.


The only issue is you will have to transfer your domain name to your hosting company which I have done.


I will buy a domain through Namecheap if I am just buying the domain to hold it like I did with my daughter's name.


Ummm she will definitely thank me for securing her name as her domain name in 15 years!

siteground webhosting

Web Hosting


You want a fast and reliable hosting service with great customer service. I have hosted all of my websites and blogs on Siteground.


They have been so great and offer free SSL certifications, hosting packages for one website or unlimited (what I have).


They also have great customer service.


Luckily I haven’t needed to contact them very often, but when I do I do via chat and get all my questions answered super easy.


Many bloggers recommend BlueHost. After doing research I read the Bluehost has issues with connectivity, speed, and site crashes so I opted for Siteground and have never had an issue.


With blogs, you are going to use A LOT of images.


Sitespeed was a major concern for me when I started my blog.


After doing some research I found Siteground to be the fastest.


You can check out one of the reviews I read here: 




  • Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Easy and Helpful Resources
  • Highly Recommended


Full instructions on the domain name and set up via Siteground below.

Setting Up Your Hosting Through Siteground


You can visit www.siteground.com to get started.



site ground pricing

This is what I started with a few years when I only had one domain name. As you can see it is super cheap!


If you think there is a potential for an additional website you can get the Grow Big account.


This is what I am currently on & will be upgrading soon to the GoGeek plan as my traffic grows.


You can upgrade at any time if you think you will need a bigger package so feel free to choose The StartUp for now if you think that is all you will need.


Choose Domain

Make your domain is available and then click proceed.

Install WordPress


Siteground will direct you to a setup wizard that directs you through each step in installing wordpress for your website.


Siteground also has a ton of tutorial You can find that here if you get stuck or want a complete walk through : https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/getting-started/start-new-website/


The hands down easiest thing you can do is start a Siteground Chat and have the rep install WordPress for you.


Once they do this they will provide you with your WordPress Username and Password. IT IS SO EASY.


I highly recommend reviewing the tutorial as well as it shows you how to set up your email and SSL certificate so when people pull up your website it shows as secure.


There are also a ton of YouTube videos that through the install process as well so you can check them too.


Even though I have set up a few sites now with Siteground, my first time around I still think I only spent about 20 minutes on the hosting set up process

You will then proceed to the check out page.


You will have additional options at the bottom for Domain Privacy & SG Site Scanner.


You can add these at anytime. When I start a new blog I do not include either until my blog is published.


This just saves a bit of money when you just starting.


Your total cost is typically going to be $47.40 ($3.95/month x 12) for your hosting.


Plus the $15.95 for the domain purchase. NOT BAD HUH?

Website Theme and Builder Options


Themes are so fun to choose and provide you with the capability to design your blog. You can use a free WordPress theme or you can purchase some pretty cheap.


You can find themes on:


Powered by Creative Market


I personally love the drag and drop themes and builders that require no code.


They work the same as building a website with WIX or Squarespace but with way more options.


I use Beaver Builder and I am obsessed.


They have pre-made templates for landing pages, contact pages, and blog options if you are getting started.


You can also customize your website to however, you want it without being locked into a certain style which can be the case with many other themes.




A Theme is basically the overall layout and style of your blog.


A Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to use drag and drop functionality.

Get Beaver Builder Now!

Beaver Builder is mainly a drag and drop page builder plugin.


You can find their services here: https://sarakdaigle.com/beaverbuilder


You can purchase the builder alone which is $99 and use a free theme such as Astra!


Or the Genesis them which is $59.95.




I choose Beaver Builder paid solutions due to ease and flexibility.


You can change your theme at any time. Beaver Builder also has a corresponding theme that you can use with their page builder.


I choose to use Beaver Builder Drag and Drop Builder Plugin and their Beaver Builder Theme  (PRO middle option below).


I do this because the two play extremely well together and I can build unlimited websites and blogs with the purchase.


The plugin & theme together are so easy to use!



Other choices that I was debating about was Genesis theme or Divi. Divi has a ton of popularity.


However, after research, I found they use shortcode which essentially means you can not switch to another theme or move your website.


Even if I don’t end up changing my site I still don’t want to be locked to a certain theme.


Due to this I chose Beaver Builder and couldn’t be happier.


I also thought about the future of my websites and blog.


I knew there would be the potential for an online store and other websites.


I chose Beaver Builder because its easy and you can literally set up a page in minutes if you use a template.


I also love the freedom to design your site and each page with full customization.


I’m always thinking for what I’ll need down the road and Beaver Builder will support my web design as I continue to get more and more advanced.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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There are many ways to monetize your blog.


Below is a great list to start off with and should help you come up with the ways you want to make money with your blog.


AD INCOME - you can make money based on the number of visitors to your website.


Many websites make money from ads alone. Most bloggers I see make about 3-15K per month from ad income.


You can start off with media.net or google adsense.



You can write articles that promote products that you love by using affiliate links and banners in your blog posts.


Some Bloggers make up to 7 figures just by affiliate income alone.


Some of the best affiliate systems to get set up with is:


Amazon Affiliateseasiest and most convenient place to find products. Every product under the sun is available


ShopStyle Collectiveamazing for fashion, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle bloggers. You can promote Nordstrom, Etsy, Sephora, and much more.


Affiliate Income from other courses or services you have used.


Many coaches and service offer their own affiliate programs.


Check to see what programs you have loved and if they offer an affiliate program.


If you are interested in making money from affiliate marketing I highly suggest you check out Michelle Schroeders Course  - Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


You can find her course here:



Michelle makes over $150,00 PER MONTH!


Holy Crap!


I took her course and it was extremely eye opening and one of the best courses I’ve taken it to help me make money from my blog.


Your Own Courses & Products: You can easily use your blog to write about your own products and services.


You can also direct potential buyers to your landing pages to complete a sale or better yet to an opt-in to capture their email.


Once you have their email you can market to them and provide other value-driven services.


This is gold when it comes to having an online coaching or marketing business.


Sponsorships: You can provide your blog to various companies that offer a product or service your adore.


They pay you to write a blog post and/or a series of blog posts, and even for social media posts. Again this can be a HUGE money generator.


There are a million other ways to make money, but this is a great way to start off with.


Brainstorm maybe one or two objectives that you would like to accomplish with your blog when it comes to money-making.


***If you are serious about monetizing your blog I highly suggest Paul Scrivens course - Billionaire Blog Club.


Paul runs like over 10 blogs and makes over 75K per month.


It is an A-Z Course on how to create a blog and make money quickly.


He includes in-depth tutorials when it comes to starting a blog, using Pinterest to generate traffic, SEO, and also Affiliate Marketing.


This is the #1 course I have ever taken (in all of the courses I have taken for my biz) and has really put things into alignment for me when it comes to creating my blog.


This is the last time the course is offered at $347.


After this last go around he will be launching an even more in-depth course.


I believe is estimated to be at a $1500.00 price point. (i'm ecstatic for this new course!!!)


Definitely check out his free 12-day blogging boot camp if you are interested in beginning blogging for money at https://sarakdaigle.com/freeblogbootcamp


There you have it!


I hope you enjoyed learning about blogging and get set up quickly!


Blogging can be extremely rewarding financially and personally. What you put it into it is what you will get out of it!



SITEGROUND: https://sarakdaigle.com/siteground


BEAVER BUILDER: https://sarakdaigle.com/beaverbuilder


MAKING SENSE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING: https://sarakdaigle.com/makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing

BILLIONAIRE BLOG CLUB - Free 12 Day Boot Camp :  https://sarakdaigle.com/freeblogbootcamp

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