Why You Need Magnesium Oil?

  • Helps rebalance this important but extremely deficient mineral.


  • Helps with Sleep


  • Eases Anxiousness & Stress


  • Helps with Manifestation by moving energy through the body


  • Amazing Conductor of Electricity



Magnesium oil has amazing health benefits and is an essential mineral for our bodies to function properly.


Unfortunately, since our overly processed food is stripped of nutrients such as Magnesium over 80% of people are deficient.


Besides the massive health benefits , I found magnesium oil to be a life saver for many more reasons below.



It also assists with sleep. A device such as Healy (my # 1 choice for microcurrent technology) will already help with this, but magnesium oil is a superb supplement and has ALWAYS worked for sleep.


I started using during pregnancy & now with my Healy Device to quell uncomfortable feeling of massive energy such as restless leg syndrome that pop up at night time.



Using on a regular basis helps increase neurotransmitters that promote relaxation by keeping your brain from getting too excited.

Low levels of these GABA neurotransmitters directly correlate to higher levels of Stress and Anxiety.



Now that I use my Energy Frequency Device (Healy) I find I have the same returning feel in my legs.


I believe this too be because so much energy is running through my body. This stops it immediately.


All it takes is a few spritz of magnesium oil to annihilate it.


As manifestors we are constantly moving energy through our body and probably using doing a hefty amount of energy work.


Energy is key to manifesting; a side effect of all of this is that you can have excess energy in your body that feels uncomfortable and needs to move out.

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Magnesium oil has also been an amazing conduit for electricity that needs to run through my Healy device.


I had previously been wetting my wrist straps with water and now I just use a couple of spritz of Magnesium Oil. It always works.


You can buy lotions, drinks, & pre-made magnesium oil.


It is ridiculously easy to make and requires just magnesium flakes and water.


I make a batch and put into a spray bottle. I spray on my Frequency Device wrist straps before I put them on.


I also spray on my feet and stomach before bed.


Only word of caution is avoid freshly shaven legs and open wounds.


Magnesium oil can sting a bit.


Over than that is it! Enjoy!